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Going to Senior High School and Start my IGCSE Study Journey

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By: Ken Deng   Published on 29 Aug. 2020

Approx. 1500 words, 7 mins

School has holidays, but studying doesn't have. Hello there! Welcome to Ken's study journey train. Today, I am going to talk about going to senior high school and prepare for a new study journey.

In a blink of eyes, the summer vacation is coming to the end. I will go to senior high school and a new study journey train will depart soon.

Therefore, I need to prepare for the senior high school life. This is because the courses and knowledge in senior high school will be more difficult.

Meanwhile, the IELTS study journey train during the summer vacation is arriving at the terminal, and then I need to change the train at the end of summer vacation.

In this article, you can learn more about my new school, my preparations for going to senior high school, and my experience of the IELTS summer lessons. Here we go!

Semester Start Countdown Clock

My IELTS Lessons during Summer Before Entering Senior High

The IELTS preparation study journey is arriving at the terminal, in which I have gained a lot.

I behave well and get excellent results (speaking is excepted as it is difficult for me) during the lessons, taking notes carefully and remembering new English words on a daily basis. Meanwhile, I got full mark for the dictation of vocabulary most of the time. Unlike preparing for the SCIE entrance exam, which is an exam that I failed, there were so much burden and I even didn’t have time to take a rest.

In addition, I will take an IELTS exam soon, so I don’t have much time to post new articles on my blog. However, my burden for preparing for this is less than preparing for the entrance exam several months ago.

No matter what the scores I get, I still need to have IELTS lessons at the weekend. Also, I need to test it for several times during Grade 10 and 11 because the scores expire after a short period.

My Preparations for Senior High School

Not only should I prepare for the IELTS, but also I need to prepare well for the new senior high school life during the summer vacation.

I have made some preparations in order to adapt a new strange environment, make more new great friends, practice English well, and gain more knowledge.

Firstly, my parents bought some textbooks, which will be handed out and used in my new school.

Secondly, I have prepared stationery such as pen ink, pencils, folders, and notebooks. Therefore, I will be able to collect and store new knowledge in a safe place.

Back to School - Folders for Main Disciplines

Thirdly, I have made and print some checklists about my daily goals, and I am going to prepare for some weekly English vocabulary cards. This can let me finish my goals and accumulate more English words faster. This is because my new school restricts student’s electronic devices usage.

Finally, I updated the information about me on my website, especially my school. Then, I am going to introduce my personal website to new schoolmates.

Note: My schedule and more information about my senior high school will be available on my personal website soon. Please check back later.

My New School: GCGS

I will enter a new school located in Foshan, Guangdong Province, China, which is adjacent to Guangzhou and it has a direct school bus to Phoenix City, the place where I live in.

It is called: Guangdong Country Garden School (GCGS), which has a website:

I attended an English Spelling Bee regional competition of Guangdong Province several years ago (passed and went to Beijing to have a national competition), so I know a little bit about the structure.

The course I have chosen is IGCSE, which is suitable for me to study computer programming, which is my hobby, and some fundamental skills about this such as mathematics, English.

Most of the subjects in the new course are taught in English. So, it is essential to have adequate English skills.

My Changes when Entering Senior High School

There are some changes when I entering senior high school, such as making new goals, changing my study habits, and so on.

New Study Goals in Senior High School

I have updated my daily goals in order to study better and get better scores in senior high school.

  1. Remember at least 40 English words. *
  2. Read books for at least 1 hour. *
  3. Read books for at least 1 character. *
  4. Speak at least 100 English sentences. *
  5. Write at least 150 English sentences.*
  6. Walk for at least 10,000 steps.
  7. Chat with at least 4 friends.
  8. Raise my hand at least once during the lesson.
  9. Take notes for at least 4 pages.

Meanwhile, I made my printed version of daily goals checklist to check whether I have finished my goals today. This is because my school restricts electronic devices usage. Furthermore, I summarize the situations of the achievements of my goals every weekend.

Attempting to Use English

In my senior high school, I will have more opportunities to study and practice English because of the course type and the environment. However, I didn't practice much English before some people can't speak English.

When I talk with my new schoolmates, I will use English first because it can improve my English communication skills. Then use Chinese only if they cannot speak English.

Also, my new school will use English to teach knowledge at all.

Helping Others Actively

I would like to help others actively while I am in senior high school. That is because I have some inspirations from some movies I have seen and some helpful people while I am traveling.

For instance, I found that there were some helpful staff who wear clothes written 'Here to Help' in public places during the United Kingdom summer camp in 2019, like Heathrow Airport.

I will help you actively for the following situations:

  • Cannot arrange your daily life.
  • Cannot stop your bad habits.
  • Experience computer problems.
  • Cannot solve questions (except Chinese, sports and history)
  • Too much burden on studying.
  • Cannot improve your study efficiency or score.

During my junior high study journey, I should have helped others because I don’t know that I should help others and how to help in grade 7 and 8, and I don’t have time to help due to the preparation of an entrance exam in grade 9. I am regret about my life in grade 7.

If you are a student in GCGS, you can find me in my free time. We always wear our school uniform on school days.

Please note: It is against my school rule for not wearing school uniform or wear it as a wrong color.

Changes on my Personal Website and Blog

There are a few modifications and improvements on my personal website to make my website more stable and safe.

Since September 1, 2020, all contents (such as comments) uploaded and/or sent to my server (including my personal website) must be moderated artificially by me to prevent spam comments before appearing on my website. I will not have much time to check my website and email after going to senior high school.

Also, I disabled the email subscription feature on my website to prevent spam emails. You can receive my new articles on social media.

As I am an excellent student, I usually share my study tips and tutorials to others in English and Chinese-Simplified. I will continue to update my website and blog during senior high school life. You can open and view my personal website and blog at any time.

I planned to publish 1 to 2 new articles every weekend (except for holidays), which will not affect my study time.

Extra Curriculums in Senior High

I will attend some extra curriculums on Saturday, such as IELTS preparation and computer programming.

Are you Ready Going to Senior High School?

There are just few days until senior high study journey starts. So, please hurry up to prepare your stationery and plan.

Knowledge in senior high island will be quite difficult, so preparing notebooks are very important. You will need to collect and remember many knowledge in a new world.

Let me Know if you Need any Help

I have adequate skills and knowledge (except Chinese, PHE, and history) and I will be glad to help you on the senior high study journey train. If you have the following situations, I will help you actively:

  • Cannot arrange your daily life.
  • Cannot stop your bad habits.
  • Experience computer problems.
  • Cannot solve questions (except Chinese, PHE and history)
  • Too much burden on studying.
  • Cannot improve your study efficiency or score.

If you need help, just send messages to me (or find me if you are a student in GCGS) and I will help you when I have free time.


This is an article about going to senior high school to study after summer vacation ends, which demonstrates some of my preparations, my improvements and modifications, information about my new school, etc.

If you have not prepared for it, please prepare as soon as possible as a new semester will start in just a few days.

I hope students can study better, set some sturdy aims, and get better results!

Alright! This is the end of the article. Thanks for reading.

If you like this post, please click the thumb up button below and share this article. Also, you can write down your comment below if you have any ideas.

Still have questions or cannot understand my articles? Don't be hesitant to contact me and I am here to help you. I speak English and Chinese.

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