Stay at Home, Study Effectively Alone

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Right now, we have to stay at home all day because of an epidemic. Don't worry. We can stay at home and study effectively alone.

There are some places I have already recommended on my website and blog, in which we can study effectively. However, we can't go to any of them.

Welcome to Ken's Study Strategy!

As I am an excellent around my school and some extra classes, I have been providing some tips to study effectively at home.

There is a lot of resources that can improve your study efficiency at home on my website. You can study with my study strategy alongside.

Do you know how can I study effectively at home? Let's explore my website and find out my tips and tutorials!

Why we should Stay at Home?

There is an epidemic taken place around the world currently, so home is a safe place to do everything. During this special period, it is dangerous for going outside.

Also, we can study independently at home, without being interrupted by others at the same place.

While staying at home, we can still keep contacting with your schoolmates and friends using social media on the internet.

Tips to Study at Home

I have made some tips about studying effectively while staying at home, which can help you to improve your studying speed.

  1. Sleep early, get up early
  2. Clean up your desk and get enough space
  3. Close the bedroom door while studying
  4. Take a rest regularly
  5. Make sure you have enough lights
  6. Chat with your friends on social media
  7. Stick your studying plan and daily goals in your bedroom
  8. Play background music with low volume
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What can you do at Home?

Whlie you are staying at home to study, I recommend you to do the following things.

  1. Read books.
  2. Remember new English words. (I am using Quizlet)
  3. Make a better studying plan after the epidemic.
  4. Read other blogger's articles.
  5. Watch other YouTuber's videos.
  6. Review the knowledge.
  7. Listen to music or podcast.
  8. Clean and reform your bedroom.
  9. Make new friends.
  10. Rearrange your schedule.

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Stay Safe

These are my tips for studying at home. I hope everyone can study effectively and independently at home and stay safe!

If you have any questions or need any help, don’t be hesitate to contact me and I am glad to help you.

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