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How do I Concentrate and Study Productively during Online Lessons?

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By: Ken Deng   Published on 11 Mar. 2020

Approx. 1000 words, 5 mins

Recently, I have been praised by even all of my teachers because I always study hardly and effectively during online lessons.

During the first week and the second week of the online lessons, I have got the highest score for chemistry. I usually interact with my classmates and make high-quality homework.

I am a Chinese junior high student from the international section, Phoenix City International School. My school semester should have started at the center of February, it has been delayed and we need to have online lessons at home. Not only have my school curriculums changed to online lessons, but also extra curriculums at the weekend have changed.

I am so busy at the weekend, but not on weekdays, so I write my study tips while I am preparing the exam at the end of April.

It is crucial to listen carefully during online lessons. However, some students are playing games while they are in the class, while other students are listening carefully and taking notes. (Note: One of my future articles will talk about taking better notes)

Today, I am going to share my tips to study effectively during online lessons. Follow me!

The Structure of my Online Lesson Classroom

First, I am going to talk about the structure of my online lesson classroom.

There is a screen that is used by the teacher to write knowledge, put PPTs and videos.

Beside the screen, there is a button about vise to answer questions, we usually click on the button in order to answer the question that the teacher asks.

Also, there is a discussion area at the bottom in which we usually communicate with classmates. Teachers can ban all students from sending messages in the discussion area.

There are two kinds of classrooms for my online lesson. I usually have geography and chemistry lessons in classroom B, and other lessons in classroom A.

Classroom A

There are some extra features in classroom A that classroom B doesn't have, such as choice questions answering, notice, timer, call in roll, etc.

Online Lesson Classroom Structure 1

Classroom B

Online Lesson Classroom Structure 2

1. Listen Carefully

Listening carefully is the most important thing in order to study effectively during online lessons. Teachers usually teach knowledge at a fast speed. You will miss some important knowledge points once you don't listen carefully.

I have posted an article about being concentrate during online lessons on my personal website, which helps you to listen carefully and avoid being distracted.

2. Interact with the Class

Students usually answer the questions by clicking on the button or type the answers in the discussion area. They also can send their ideas in the discussion area even if the teacher doesn't ask any question. Every student needs to be confident to answer the questions, no matter the answer is correct or incorrect.

The knowledge can be stuck in your brain if you are active to answer the questions. Also, Answering questions during the lesson can check if you have the knowledge or not.

I am a YouTuber, so I always feel confident, not only when I am recording my YouTube videos. I usually have lessons, finish my school work and write blog articles with big confidence. Also, recording YouTube videos is not easy.

3. Hand in Homework On Time

Do you know how do students hand in their homework after online lessons? When we are in school, we usually hand in the homework to the course representative, who hands in classmates' homework to teachers.

However, when we are having online lessons, we usually take some snapshots of the homework, and then hand in the files to the teacher directly.

Also, we need to hand in the notes to the teacher immediately once the class overs.

According to my personal rule, I need to finish today's homework today as possible because the knowledge might be forgotten in the future. I always do my homework first before doing other things in the evening.

4. Ask Teachers if you Can't Understand

Sometimes, you can't understand some of the knowledge. Don't worry, you can always ask your teacher about the missing or broken knowledge in your mind. Teachers will be glad to answer students' questions.

I usually remember the questions on my notebook, and then ask the teacher immediately once the class overs except one-by-one lessons.

In order to remember the answers of your questions firmly, you should write down your questions and the answers in your notebook.

5. Sleep Early and Get Up Early

It is crucial to sleep early and get up early for students because they need enough spirit to study. Otherwise, students will not able to concentrate during the lessons.

I usually sleep at 11:00 PM and get up at 6:00 AM. Also, I usually remember new English words after I get up.

School has Holidays, but Study Doesn't Have

We should listen carefully and study effectively even if we are not in school. We can apply the knowledge in real-life in order to remember the knowledge firmly.

I am not able to go outside and explore the world this time, but it is the best occasion to accumulate knowledge from online lessons, books, blog articles and YouTube videos. I need to use the opportunity to gain my knowledge.

I'll be able to go outside one day. After that, I will carry a huge database for knowledge and vocabulary and explore the world easily.


This is the article about my ways to study effectively when having online lessons. I hope you can gain more knowledge with my suggestions.

Alright! This is the end of the article. Thanks for reading.

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Have any questions or need further assistance? Feel free to contact me.

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These are great study tips! All your hard work is really going to pay off.
Ken Deng
Thank you! I am glad to hear from you!
Kriti's Blog
This is really helpful!!! I am also taking some online classes and I usually get distracted super easily!!!! Thanks for sharing. I hope these tips will help me🤪
Ken Deng
You are welcome! Are you a student? I hope you can be concentrate when having your online lessons with my suggestions.