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Bedroom Decorations

Showing your Personality and Improving your Productivity

My Apartment Decoration

Decorative Board
The board loads all the things described below on the wall. It can be any colours you want. Instead, you can use a metal net.

Photos show the places you are interested in and your dream universities or cities. You can stick some photos to display the virtual images.

You can stick some reminders to make sure you have the right studying habits. It needs to be colourful to have some styles.

Decorative Lights
A string of decorative lights can be hang around the decorative board to enhance its visual effects. You can make it flash, on, and off.

UK University Photo Wall

Photo Wall

Photo wall shows the images of the cities/unversities you are interested in. By sticking some photos, you can enjoy a virtual world with strong visual effects.

My photo wall shows University of Oxford and Cambridge, Imperial College London, along with Transportations in London. Cambridge and Imperial1 are my dream universities and I am studying at our school's Oxbridge College.

By the way, these images can also motivate students to strive for the universities they want to get in.

Reminder Cards

As well as some photos, reminder cards can also be added to remind you about some great study habits.

For example, I have sticked an English reminder card: "Do your Tasks at a Steady Rate, Do Not Rush/Cram, Do Not Leave Many Tasks until Deadline".

Reminder Card at my Apartment

Show your Personality

Decorations can vary from person to person since they have different directions, interests and hobbies.

By decorating your room2, you can enhance your hobbies and interests, motivating yourself to study productively and strive for your dream university.

You can see that violet not only appears on my decoration board, but also this website. It is my favourite colour!

Improve your Productivity

Decorating your room can make yourself in a comfort zone while studying on the desk.

In case you are exhausted or have setbacks on studying, you can use your decorations to find motivations to study, getting in to your dream universities.

Decorating is Easy!

You do not need to do a lot of steps to make decorations for your room. Just buy some materials, print and stick some photos and reminders, and stick a light string. That's done!

It just takes about 15 to 45 minutes3 to set up, which not only does not waste your studying time but also boosts your productivity.

Decorate Everywhere4

You can decorate your apartment bedroom at your university, college, and even high school, your home bedroom, and even on your stationeries.

By decorating all your private study places, you can boost your productivity anywhere within your spaces.

Start Decorating your Bedrooms Today

By decorating your bedroom at your home or apartment, you can show your personalities, motivate yourself to study hard, and study productively.

Click the button below to see the instructions and steps for bedroom decorations.

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Now, Study Effectively with my Powerful Tools!

Have any questions or need help? feel free to contact me. I am here for you!

Hope you can Improve your Scores!

1. University of Oxford and Cambridge cannot be applied for both, so we have to choose a suitable one.

2. The motivation of the bedroom decoration idea comes from the recent apartment bedroom decoration competition at my school's Oxbridge College.

3. Based on the results of the decoration at my school's apartment (Oxbridge College). Time may vary due to the availbility of the materials and the difficulties of setting up the materials.

4. Decoration is not applicable in standard school dormitories. The opportunity comes from my school's Oxbridge College with its apartment.