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Daily Goals Checklist

Ensuring the Achievement of Goals

Daily Goals Checklist Personal Version

You Cannot Pursue yourself without Goals

If you have set your own study goals and/or plans, you will encouage yourself to achieve/finish them. This is because student will know what should they do.

As low as possible firstly. Improve them afterwards.

  See my Daily Goals

Have you Achieved your Goals?

If you have already set your goals, don't forget to achieve them every day!

Daily goals checklist pursues you to achieve the daily goals you have set.

You can check your situations every night1 and make a summary at the end of each month2 to plan your next month.

Start Making your Checklist Today

With your checklist, you can ensure your achievement of your goals and be successful.

I offer both electronic and printed versions for my study tools as some schools restricts electronic devices. You can use either of both according to your situations.

The electronic version uses Ken's Study Planner3, the app I made. Learn More >

  Use Electronic Version   Make Printed Version

Now, Study Effectively with my Powerful Tools!

Have any questions or need help? feel free to contact me. I am here for you!

Hope you can Improve your Scores!

1. You can fill in your situations later if you forgot to do that.

2. A summary card is required if you are using printed version. It is provided in the .zip file.

3. An account with an email address is required to use Ken's Study Planner.