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Daily Tasks List

Do the Right Things and Boost your Productivity

Daily Tasks List (Sample)

Times are Clearly Marked
At the top of each to-do list, there is a specific time when you will be reminded to do certain things.

Tasks are Well-ordered
At the certain time point, you can finish your tasks from top to bottom so you do not need to think about the order.

Tick your Finished Tasks
Similar with a to-do list, you can mark a task when it is finished. Unfinished tasks can be finished later.

A Timed To-do List

The daily tasks list combines a number of to-do lists in different time points.

Because they are separated, you will be able to focus on your tasks while studying.

Arrange Tomorrow's Tasks in Advance

Like daily goals checklist, you can arrange tomorrow's tasks list in today evening before sleeping so you will not have hesitation about your tasks. Conclusion for the day is followed by a new start tomorrow.

You can arrange more tasks in a short time. Then finish arranged tasks according to situations.

Postpone Unfinished Tasks

Can't finish your tasks at the given time? Perhaps some tasks are difficult or you may be distracted sometimes.

Don't worry! You can simply postpone your unfinished tasks to tomorrow's daily tasks list. This can make sure that you can complete the tasks you want.

Study Faster

The tasks list will help you do the right things and focus on your tasks and while studying.

This will significantly boost your productivity as you will not need to think about them.

Start Making your Tasks Lists Today

You can create a note and put your tasks using a notes app, like Apple Notes, Microsoft OneNote and EverNote, or write them on a paper.

Later on, this will be intergrated to Ken's Study Planner app.

Now, Study Effectively with my Powerful Tools!

Have any questions or need help? feel free to contact me. I am here for you!

Hope you can Improve your Scores!