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Items Checklist

Never Forget Everything to Take

Items Checklist

Never Forget Everything to Take

With an item checklist, you can prepare and check the things you need to take. It will help you memorise your items like your pencil case.

It usually involves the things to take to school, institutes of extra curriculum at weekends, and while travelling. You can add some routines of your morning and evening as well.1

Be Ready to Study

Forgetting things, such as laptops, notebooks and calculators, can be frustrating and time-consuming for students. You need to be ready with your essentials to study immersely and seamlessly.

The checklists help you prepare the items you need to take and the routines you need to do and study productively. You will not need to always thing about your items.

Start Making your Checklist Today

With your checklist, you can ensure you have everthing you need for studying and working.

I offer both electronic and printed versions for my study tools as some schools restrict electronic devices. You can use either or both according to your situations.

The electronic version uses Ken's Study Planner2, the app I made. Learn More >

If you need paper version, you can use your notebooks or some papers to list your items.

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Now, Study Effectively with my Powerful Tools!

Have any questions or need help? feel free to contact me. I am here for you!

Hope you can Improve your Scores!

1. This is my example. You may make, add and store as much checklists as you want.

2. An account with an email address is required to use Ken's Study Planner.