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Knowledge Flashcards 4.0

Not only Vocabulary

Knowledge Flashcards v4.0

Yes, it's true.

It can store not only words, but also some formulae, chemical equations, key points, and even programming codes.

It is very small, as small as cards1. So, we can put it into the pocket and take out to remember the terms in our free time.

The images in this box shows some examples of the cards for some subjects2. They contain answers. Click on the subjects above to change.

Sample Knowledge Flashcards Math
The answers are hidden3

We cannot see the answers at first. This can prevent us from revealing the answers accidentally.

It reveals after turning over

The answers are not shown until we turn over the cards. So, we can remember the terms more effectively.

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1. The size of each card varies depending on the size of your paper you are using.

2. You can make your cards for any subjects other than examples shown.

3. The answers should be shown at the back of the cards (i.e. on different pages) to hide the answers.