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Happy China National Day!

User Satisfaction Survey

Hello there! Welcome to Ken’s Study Journey and Planner.

Language/语言: English   简体中文

In order to enhance the quality of my services and your study path, I would like you to share your experiences and suggestions for using my services.

This will only take several minutes.

Privacy Notice: All information will be stored on my servers, which will be deleted after investigation and statistics. I will never share your data without your permission. Privacy Policy

1. Where are you from?

Privacy Notice: Your IP address is only used to determine your approximate location and diagnose my server’s network issues.

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2. What is your first language?

3. What language do you use the most often on my website?

4. You are a

5. You are now studying (before this Setember)

e.g. Select "A Level (AS)" if you finished studying AS Level will study A2 from September.

6. How do you know Ken’s Study Journey/Planner Website?

7. Does your network support IPv6?

IPv6 is a new type of technology that increases the Internet capacity.

The system will automatically check whether your network supports IPv6.

8. What are your experiences when reading my articles?

9. What types of articles do you want more?

10. What are your favourite aspects on Ken’s Study Journey website?

11. What aspects do you think are important for websites?

12. What methods do you usually use to acquire information from the public?

I have discovered that many students have their YouTube channels rather than personal websites/blogs.

Recently, I have upgraded my server hardware and added some extra cloud servers to enhance the study experience for users in different locations.

My web servers are now located in China and the United Kingdom.

13. Which server node have you been allocated to?

Current Node: UK01

14. Does my website speed, using the same (WiFi) network, become faster or slower?

15. Does my website latency become higher or lower?

Latency is the time between you open my website and the server responds, (usually at 0.1 to 2 seconds)

16. Do you experience the following problems while using Ken’s Study Journey website? (optional)

17. Apart from Ken’s Study Journey, what other studying websites and/or YouTube channels do you use? (optional)

e.g. Frank’s C(A)IE Workshop (, Physics and Maths Tutor, Save my Exams, Ali Abdaal, Quizlet, Notion

One per line

18. Are you using Ken’s Study Planner web-based app?

Questions 19 to 21 are for Ken's Study Planner app.

22. Your other suggestions: (optional)

23. Your email address: (optional)

I may contact you if more information is needed for your suggestions or bug fixes.

Privacy Notice: I will never share your email addresses which will be stored for a limited period and deleted after investigation.