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What's New on my Website?

Making my Study Tips Better for You

Ken's Study Journey New Website 6.0
Welcome to my New Website!
My new website brings a stack of new features that improve user's experience with attractive interface, attract more people quickly, and boost student's productivity.
Here are my New Features

New Attractive Interface

My website brings new colourful blocks with rounded angles which is inspired by Apple website. Different colours have different meanings, so we can concentrate on a block while reading.

It takes a greater advantage than my old bichromatic website with only white and violet.

The Apple-style design can boost productivity of students who like using Apple products and OS.

Resourceful Home Page

The new home page on my website directly shows my latest news, articles, study tips and techniques, like Apple and Microsoft websites.

The buttons on it can let you go straight to the corresponding pages to learn more about the information. There are also some widgets, like knowledge I discovered with some sample knowledge.

Some important content or an extract of an article is directly displayed on the home page, so you can see my latest news all at once.

Unlike the home page on the previous version which is very personal, so visitors need to click some buttons to see the content.

Fast Speed and Low Latency

In August 2020, I migrated my website to a Chinese host called Tencent Cloud, so the speed of loading my website was improved significantly in China.

My new website stopped using WordPress with a lot of bugs, and some third-party APIs and plugins as well! So, there will be no unnecessary parts, codes and steps behind my website that further improves its performance. It just need to take about a second1 to load the whole website.

In fact, I used GoDaddy servers in the United States in 2019, which is very slow in China as it has limited overseas bandwidth. My classmates usually compain about this before.

By the way, I want to tell you that my website can better protect user's privacy because I will have full control over all codes on my website.

2019 (GoDaddy + WordPress)
Responding Time
5 sec
Loading Time
1 min 30 sec
2020 (Tencent Cloud + WordPress)
Responding Time
1 sec
Loading Time
8 sec
2021 (Tencent Cloud + My Code)
Responding Time
0.1 sec
Loading Time
2 sec

Convenient Design

My new website puts the menu button at the bottom-right corner2, so you do not need to reach your finger to the top of the screen when using my website using phones.

The options of some major categories are put in the menu at the top (computer) or at the bottom-right corner (phone), so you can find some information you want correctly and faster.

For example, you may want to find my study tools, great study habits and knowledge explanation.

New Phone Menu on Website 6

Dark Mode

Study Comfortably in the Evening

Since 2021 when I started to use Apple ecosystem completely, I optimised my website for the dark mode on Apple devices with new Apple operating systems.

Right now, it also supports non-Apple devices so you can study comfortably in the evening, even if you are using Windows or Android.

Just toggle the dark mode option at the bottom of the website to enable or disable it, like this.

Dark Mode:


Audio Articles3

Listen to my Articles in Transportations

If you don't have time to read articles or have limited reading skills, you can now listen to my audio articles using the player at the top of my articles.

My audio articles are recorded as MP3 format. You also can download my audios for offline use, or even import to your MP3 players as well!

There is also an audio script for each audio. You can see the script if you cannot hear the audio clearly. You can also find out and report my English pronunciation errors4.

The background music5 can let you relax along the way you study and listen to my articles.

Free Knowledge6 Explanation

Yes, it's really free.

I usually discover, apply and share knowledge in real life because it can let me study better.

From now on, I am going to explain the knowledge I discovered holistically and share them on my website7 to let others know what does a knowledge in real life really like and help other students who are struggling to understand a knowledge point8. You can see them free of charge.

This is similar to paid past papers explanation on Frank's C(A)IE Workshop where my classmates and I usually download CAIE past papers.

  See my Explanations

Redesigned Free Resources

Make your Own Productive Tools

You only can see my study tools and download their templates on my previous website.

However, you now can see the tutorials to make your own productive studying tools by yourself by clicking the "Make your Own" button at the bottom in each tool.

This can also develop children's DIY skills along the way they study knowledge.

HSTS Security Layer

Study Safely in Public WiFi

Nowadays, an increasing number of websites, including my website, have started using HTTPS security protocol, especially banking and online booking/shopping websites. Hackers cannot read or modify the encrypted data.

HSTS is a layer that further ensures visitor's security. Sometimes, hackers can intercept data while redirecting to HTTPS from HTTP which is very dangerous, but HSTS can force browsers to visit HTTPS site and redirect internally9 if you do not add "https://" on the address bar. The browser will redirect to HTTPS website later on after the first visit.

Websites like Baidu, Google, YouTube, University of Cambridge, and University of Oxford have already implemented HSTS so people can browse the Internet securely.

Now, my website has implemented HSTS to make sure students can study safely in public WiFi.

  Learn More about HSTS

SEO Friendly

Attracting More Visitors

On my previous website, there was no search engine optimisation (SEO) so search engines like Google and Bing might display my website incorrectly. This was because some WordPress plugins have restrictions. So, I needed to write codes by my own to overcome them.

My new website has redesigned its structure, displaying my articles, knowledge explanations, and other categories of things separately. So, search engines can better understand my website.

I also added the date in each article, so visitors can directly know when an article was written and updated.

Now, Study Effectively with my New Website!

Have any questions or need help? feel free to contact me. I am here for you!

Enjoy my website!

1. Tested at WiFi networks at home, my school campus and my IELTS school. Loading and responding speed and time vary between countries/regions, ISPs, bandwidth, and number of People using the WiFi.

2. This feature does not conflict with the new address bar at the bottom in iOS 15 Safari.

3. Available in English only.

4. I am a non-English native speaker and I am currently practicing IELTS speaking. My English pronunciation may be wrong so please excuse. Follow the instructions at the top of the audioscript if you want to report errors.

5. Background music are from YouTube Audio Library (copyright-free). I was a previous YouTuber so I have access to it.

6. Based on Cambridge IGCSE and International AS and A Level. Knowledge may vary between courses. My explanations are available in Mathematics (0580, 0606, 9709, 9231), Physics (0625, 9702), Chemistry (0620, 9701) and Computer Science (0478, 9618, 9608) only.

7. The explanation will be made once I mentioned in my articles and social media. I provide one example explanation for each subject after this website became live.

8. You can contact me (send me an email) to request an assistance or a knowledge explanation if you need help, but please note that I cannot understand every knowledge accurately. I may not explain some knowledge that are beyond my capacity or syllabuses I learn.

9. HSTS only activates after you visit my website for the first time. It is a record that stores on your browsers.