Recently, I got an outstanding award in a programming competition that is hosted by my programming class TCTM. It is called: Discover Cup.

I had participated in the competition when the first semester of 2019 to 2020 is ended. It has a qualification contest firstly, then I am qualified to go to the next round around my country with a full score.

There are thousands of contestants around China, they had had to work busily before the competition started. I worked carefully so I got an excellent award, entering the top 5 around China.

After I got the award, I was very excited because this is an excellent award for myself.

Today, I am going to talk about the outstanding award and my programming competition. Follow me!

Note: This post has been delayed for a few days because I am very busy with study. The award has handed out on Apr. 12th, 2020.

[This should be the audio of the article. However, I am very busy with study or I am not able to record the audio now. Please check back later.]

What is the Competition?

There is a competition called Discover Cup hosted by a programming class company for Children that is TCTM. It organizes the competition every single year.

The purpose of organizing the competition is to encourage programming students to make fun games by themselves with their creativity.

Different programming students study different kinds of programming languages such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, Python, etc.

It has been separated by 2 programming languages that are JavaScript and Python. I have chosen JavaScript as the language for the competition.

Requirements for the Competition

Every contestant is required to make games during the competition with the programming languages.

Qualification Contest

Contestants need to finish the qualification contest first in the city they live in. I went to the Guangzhou city center to attend to it.

There is a folder in the computer, which contains some images, some incomplete code about a game and a question paper.

They are required to complete the game code with programming languages according to the questions. They have 3 hours.

National Contest

Contestants are required to make a game that can solve some problems nowadays with their creativity.

They need to find images (or make them with Photoshop) and write the full code of their game.

They also have to make an introduction video and the introduction text for themselves and the game.

The national contest this year should be held in Beijing, China, but it has been changed to contestants’ homes. We have to make our projects at our home and then submit them.


The competition has its standards to measure a program and give a score.

  1. Code comments.
  2. Code format.
  3. Game usability.
  4. Detailed instructions.
  5. Interface.
  6. Introduction.
  7. (等等...)

My Project

I have made a game about typing English words, which can let people practice their typing speed and improve their vocabulary. It is called: English Words Mice Hitting Game.

There is a database about the vocabulary. There are hundreds of words in it.

Players should type the words as the words appear on the screen. They have 3 minutes. They can press ‘Enter’ to submit the word or ‘Esc’ to clear the input box.

In order to let players easily to relax while they are playing the game, there is background music and a background image.

Each word worths 5 points and there is no penalty for typing with mistakes.

It has both Chinese and English version, which can let foreigners (non-Chinese people) understand my game easily.

When the player opens the game, it should look like this:

Outstanding Award in a Programming Competition Project 01

After the player clicks on the ‘dismiss’ button, the initial page of the game should be like this:

Outstanding Award in a Programming Competition Project 02

It should look like this after the player starts the game:

Outstanding Award in a Programming Competition Project 03

When the game is ended, it should look like this:

Outstanding Award in a Programming Competition Project 04

My Award

I got an outstanding award in a programming competition, which has the highest value. Then it has the first prize, the second prize, the third prize, and the distinction prize.

Only the top 4 of the contestants can get the outstanding award, which is not easy. It has been separated by 2 languages with 2 candidates respectively that are JavaScript and Python.

Not only am I working really hard on programming including this competition but also on my study and my school work.

Also, I had been featured by my programming extra curriculum before I attended the contest.

This is a photo of the ceremony about handing out the prizes for contestants who won prizes. I am in the middle with my Chinese name and the city I live in.

Outstanding Award in JS Programming Competition 2020

Introduction using JavaScript

If you are a programmer and you indulged in the programming codes, you can see the codes below. I have written a piece of descriptions of the competition I attended in JavaScript to make JavaScript programmers/engineers easily to understand.

// Hello there! This is a code about my competition described in a programming language that is JavaScript.
var competition = {
  name: "Discover Cup",
  year: "2020",
  language: "JavaScript",
  contestant: "Ken Deng",
  lastHoldCity: "Beijing, China",
  projects: {
    type: "game",
    requirements: ["code files", "text description", "video description"]
  myProject: {
    name: "English Words Mice Hitting Game",
    author: "Ken Deng",
    hasBackgroundMusic: true,
    hasBackgroundImage: true,
    playerTime: 180000, // Milliseconds, equals to 180 seconds, 3 minutes.
    scoreForEachMouse: 5,
    deductScoreForMistake: 0 // There is no penalty for typing with mistakes.
  participate: function(){
      "Hello everyone! I am " + competition.contestant + " and I am going to attend a programming competition, " +
      "which is called: " + + ". I am using a programming language that is " + competition.language +
      ". It should be held in " + competition.lastHoldCity + ", but we have to stay at home. I am going to make a " +
      competition.projects.type + ", it requires " + competition.projects.requirements[0] + "s, a " +
      competition.projects.requirements[1] + ", and a " + competition.projects.requirements[2] + "."
// Hello! I am going to participate in the competition.

This is an article about I got an outstanding prize in a programming competition. I hope more students can participate in more competitions with their courage and get prizes!





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