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Ken Deng in Guangdong Robot Competition

A* Flies to the Sky, Making your Future Bright!

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Your study journey starts here.

Hi! I am Ken. I am an International A Level student in Guangdong Country Garden School.

I always provide my study strategy, study tips, plan and goals, and some useful knowledge to students and parents, encouraging them to study better since 2019.

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New Website, Simple Design

Welcome to New Ken's Study Journey Website!

GCSE, IGCSETM and A Level exams are finished, I am bringing you some updates on my website before the results will be released.

The 7.0 website avoids outdated, worthless, and duplicated content. I will always keep my content up-to-date.

Some low-quality articles and/or resources are deleted, which will then be re-published after updating. This transition process will last for several weeks and thanks for your patience.

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Featured as an Excellent Student

I have been featured as an excellent student by many extra classes and schools since 2019, as I study hard.

Hope you can study diligently and get outstanding results!

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Enjoy my website!

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