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A Level international exam / assessment is in progress. Ken's Study Journey hopes you can pass the exam and get outstanding results!
Ken Deng in Guangdong Robot Competition

A* Flies to the Sky, Making your Future Bright!

Your study journey starts here.

Hi! I am Ken. I am a full-time A Level student, part-time blogger and programmer from Guangdong Country Garden School.

I always provide my study strategy, study tips, plan and goals, and some useful knowledge to students and parents, encouraging them to study better since 2019.

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Get Ready for A Level Exam

A* A

Get Stars from A* (A Star). 1

This is the A Level and (I)GCSE exam season. Exam and school assessment (May/June 2022) are in progress.

During the pandemic, I will provide more study tips for students who are staying at home, letting you overtake others.

Explore my website to get my productive study tips and daily routine.

Ken's Study Journey hopes you can pass the exam and get outstanding results! Come on!

My Goals: 1A* 3a

(2 AS Subjects >= 90%) 2

My Suggestions

  • Read Questions Carefully
  • Keep your Desk Tidy
  • Relax and Play Sports Appropriately
  • Don't Leave Many Tasks Until Deadline
  • Don't Discuss Answers with your Classmates After an Exam
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My Bedroom Tour 2022

Decorate your Room and Study Productively

In the past few weeks, I have made some improvements to ameliorate my study environment.

This includes great study habits posters as well as leaves and lights.

Decorating your room can make yourself in a comfort zone while studying on the desk.

Today, I am going to introduce and demonstrate my decorations and the overall design around my bedroom so you can learn from it3.

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My Bedroom Cables Decoration

Ken's Study Timer

Now Available for Download

With a timer, you can concentrate on your study tasks and study productively within a time limit.

The source codes and apps are now available and you can download and setup your timer4.

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My Desk Clock Screen

Plan your Study Journey Effectively

using Ken's Study Planner5

Ken's Study Planner integrated daily goals checklist, projects manager, events manager, and checklist.

You can manage your daily goals, fill in their situations, manage the projects in your school and your upcoming events, and your items checklists in this app.

It helps you manage your upcoming projects and events, letting you know how many days to their deadline.

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Ken's Study Planner App

My New Tools and Great Study Habits

Helping you get Better Results!

Bedroom Decoration6

Showing your Personality and Improving your Productivity

Learn More > My Apartment Decoration

Items Checklist

Never Forget Everything to Take

Learn More > Items Checklist

Active Recall+

Remember Knowledge Firmly and Achieve your Goals

Learn More > Goals Achievement Rate

Take Exercise

Strengthen your Body and Boost your Productivity

Learn More > Take Exercise Path

5G and IPv6 Enabled

Supporting the Latest Technology Development

My website, including Ken's Study Planner app, have added 5G and IPv6 networks support7. You now can access my website via 5G and IPv6 networks.

Thanks for the 5G technology that saved student's 10% of studying time, allowing them find academic resources faster anywhere at any time. You now can access my website via the fastest 5G network now.

IPv6 mitigates the problem of IPv4 address exhaustion, allowing more students to enjoy the Internet, while 5G brings a blazing speed that improve student's studying experience8.


IPv6: 123:4567:89:ab::cdef

I have added a brand-new IPv6 icon and you can click and try it. It will turn green if you are using IPv6 now.

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Knowledge appears Everywhere,
I discover them Anywhere.

I always encourage students to discover and apply academic knowledge in real life. For example, mathematics, physics, chemistry, economics, and computer science.

This is an excellent method for studying, but most of other top students around the world don’t know about it and do that. In other words, it is probably invented by myself.

Now, I have started sharing my explanations of some knowledge9 I studied in my school to let students understand them easily and apply them in real life.

  Learn More   Knowledge Explanations

For Example:


Photosynthesis (Chemistry)

Trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. So, we can breath in fresh air.

6CO2 + 6H2O C6H12O6 + 6O2

From Fail to Excellent,

Improving myself in Grade 9.

In fact, I didn’t study well and failed most of the exams until Grade 8, when I warned myself and had a little bit awareness fo studying.

Since Grade 9, however, I overtook most of my classmates, entering the top 10 in my grade and top 1 in my class.

I have created this website because I wanted to share my study tips, encouraging them to study harder and get better results.

Studying is very Important!

even though it is difficult for you.

Now, have you realised the importance of studying?
Start improving your scores like me!

Explore my website to see my study tips and some great study habits!

C A*

Study Plan, Goals and Tasks Weight

You Cannot Pursue yourself without Goals

I have set my explicit study plan and daily goals, along with my daily goals checklist that allows me to check the situations whether I have achieved them.

In my new planning system, I have also added tasks weight to allocate suitable amount of effort on your study tasks.

  See my Study Routine

For Example:

As low as possible firstly. Improve them afterwards.

  • Remember at least 5 English words.
  • Read books for at least 10 minutes.
  • Chat with friends using English.
  • Take exercise.
  • ... ...

My Articles

Learn more about my latest news, study tips, tutorials, habits, routine and some useful knowledge from my articles.

I usually write blog articles about the things I am interested in. Apart from studying, I also talk about Apple products, programming and travelling.

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Featured as an Excellent Student

I have been featured as an excellent student by many extra classes and schools since 2019, as I study hard.

Hope you can study hard and get better results!

Have any questions or need help? feel free to contact me. I am here for you!

Enjoy my website!

1. The star in A* grade is for metaphor purposes according to my imagined picture. This encourages students to study hard, smart and get more A* in the exams.

2. "a" grade is used since no A* (A Star) grade is availble in AS subjects, so "a" grade and 90% is used to set goals.

3. My bedroom tour is for reference only. Bedroom size, basic design and layout, and wall style may vary. Decorate your bedroom according to your environment.

4. You can set up your timers without programming knowledge by following the tutorial. The usability and text sizes may vary among devices.

5. Internet is required to use Ken's Study Planner. Offline version is coming soon. Not supported in Internet Explorer on Windows currently.

6. Decoration is not applicable in standard school dormitories. The opportunity comes from my school's Oxbridge College with its apartment.

7. My server's bandwidth has been increased to 20 MB/s to allow more people visit my website. 5G and/or IPv6 networks may not be available in all places. IPv6 may not be supported on all WiFi routers currently. My servers use IPv4 and IPv6 dual stack. You can continue to use IPv4 on networks without IPv6 support. Loading and responding speed and time vary between countries/regions, ISPs, bandwidth, and number of People using the WiFi.

8. This example is entirely fictitious and is for reference only. Public IPv6 addresses usually start from "2" (e.g. 2001, 240d, 2606). It has 8 parts and all zeroes can be compressed using 2 colons (::). For more information, please see this knowledge explanation.

9. Based on Cambridge IGCSE and International AS and A Level. Knowledge may vary between courses. My explanations are available in Mathematics (0580, 0606, 9709, 9231), Physics (0625, 9702), Chemistry (0620, 9701) and Computer Science (0478, 9618, 9608) only.