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Ken Deng in Guangdong Robot Competition

A* Flies to the Sky, Making your Future Bright!

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Hi! I am Ken, an A Level student.

In my free time, I share articles about my study tips, habits and school life to help you study productively and diligently since 2019.

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Be Productive, Diligent and Active

Study hard and get outstanding results.

Make Daily Goals, Burn like Coals

You Cannot Pursue yourself Without Goals

My Daily Goals

Ken's Study Planner

Improve your Time-Management Skills with a Few Clicks

Ken's Study Planner web-based app integrated daily goals checklist, projects and events manager, and checklist.

Just type your upcoming projects and exams, schedule and daily goals, the system will help you calculate and display the days left and your status.

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Ken's Study Planner Web-based App

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Featured as an Excellent Student

I have been featured as an excellent student by many extra classes and schools since 2019, as I study hard.

Hope you can study diligently and get outstanding results!

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