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Ken Deng in Guangdong Robot Competition

A* Flies to the Sky, Making your Future Bright!

Your study journey starts here.

Hi! I am Ken. I am a full-time top student, part-time study strategy consultant, blogger and programmer from Guangdong Country Garden School studying Cambridge International AS and A Level.

I always provide my study strategy, study tips, plan and goals, and some useful knowledge to students and parents, encouraging them to study better since 2019.

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Welcome to Ken's Study Journey!

My new website brings a stack of new features that improve user's experience with attractive interface, attract more people quickly, and boost student's productivity.

There is a new attractive interface, resourceful home page, convenient design, dark mode for non-Apple devices, free knowledge explanation, and so on.

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Ken's Study Journey New Website 6.0

Great News! I Got a Scholarship in Oxbridge Summer School

Recently, I got a scholarship from the Oxbridge Summer School1 I have participated recently. This is the excellent result that I worked hard and strived.

In summer school, I always try my best to work hard. I also encourage and believe myself so I always have courage to achieve better results.

The prize involves 1,000 CNY and a free A Level online course.

  Learn how I Got it
Certificate from Mirror Education

Going Back School and Start a New Study Journey

All of a sudden, summer vacation is coming to the end and we will start our AS and A Level study journey soon.

I made several preparations beforehand to study better.

For example, I have made my AS and A Level notebooks, paper-based daily goals checklist2, new folders with zippers, and my new website with knowledge explanations.

  See my Preparations

I have been Recruited by my School's Oxbridge College

Recently, right after getting the scholarship in the summer school, I have been recruited by Oxbridge College in my school, which gives me an opportunity to practice English and let me study in an English environment.

It is designed for top students and English is required to go to universities overseas, so it is a completely English environment.

  See my Feelings

New semester means new beginning. I hope you can have a wonderful study journey in the next semester and get better results in the exam!

A Level Notebook Computer Science 9618

Knowledge appears Everywhere,
I discover them Anywhere.

I always encourage students to discover and apply academic knowledge in real life. For example, mathematics, physics, chemistry, economics, and computer science.

This is an excellent method for studying, but most of other top students around the world don’t know about it and do that. In other words, it is probably invented by myself.

Now, I have started sharing my explanations of some knowledge3 I studied in my school to let students understand them easily and apply them in real life.

  Learn More   Knowledge Explanations

For Example:


Photosynthesis (Chemistry)

Trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. So, we can breath in fresh air.

6CO2 + 6H2O C6H12O6 + 6O2

From Fail to Excellent,

Improving myself in Grade 9.

In fact, I didn’t study well and failed most of the exams until Grade 8, when I warned myself and had a little bit awareness fo studying.

Since Grade 9, however, I overtook most of my classmates, entering the top 10 in my grade and top 1 in my class.

I have created this website because I wanted to share my study tips, encouraging them to study harder and get better results.

Studying is very Important!

even though it is difficult for you.

Now, have you realised the importance of studying?
Start improving your scores like me!

Explore my website to see my study tips and some great study habits!

C A*

Study Plan, Goals and Tasks Weight

You Cannot Pursue yourself without Goals

I have set my explicit study plan and daily goals, along with my daily goals checklist that allows me to check the situations whether I have achieved them.

In my new planning system, I have also added tasks weight to allocate suitable amount of effort on your study tasks.

  See my Study Routine

For Example:

As low as possible firstly. Improve them afterwards.

  • Remember at least 5 English words.
  • Read books for at least 10 minutes.
  • Chat with friends using English.
  • Take exercise.
  • ... ...

My New Tools and Great Study Habits

Helping you get Better Results!

Daily Tasks List

Do the Right Things and Boost your Productivity

Learn More > Daily Tasks List Sample

Colourful Labels

Labelling some Important Knowledge

Learn More > Colourful Labels

Strict Requirements

Ensuring the Quality on your Study Tasks and Products

Learn More > Labelling Bookshelf in my Bedroom

Cable Management

Widen your Study Area and Space with Tidiness

Learn More > Cable Management

My Articles

Learn more about my latest news, study tips, tutorials, habits, routine and some useful knowledge from my articles.

I usually write blog articles about the things I am interested in. Apart from studying, I also talk about Apple products, programming and travelling.

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Featured as an Excellent Student

I have been featured as an excellent student by many extra classes and schools since 2019, as I study hard.

Hope you can study hard and get better results!

Have any questions or need help? feel free to contact me. I am here for you!

Enjoy my website!

1. The summer school course was provided by Mirror Education.

2. You can use computer-based or digitalised version if your school allows electronic devices.

3. Based on Cambridge IGCSE and International AS and A Level. Knowledge may vary between courses. My explanations are available in Mathematics (0580, 0606, 9709, 9231), Physics (0625, 9702), Chemistry (0620, 9701) and Computer Science (0478, 9618, 9608) only.

4. Click the buttons/links at the bottom of any of my emails to unsubscribe or change your email address.

5. If you are using Apple iCloud mail, I recommend you to use Hide my Email to further protect your privacy.