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Hello there! I am Ken, a Chinese senior high excellent student, blogger and programmer from Guangdong Country Garden School studying Cambridge IGCSE. I am good at Mathematics, English, Physics and Computer. I live in Phoenix City, Guangzhou, China.

I have strong computer skills. I can make computer programs using programming languages, edit media with Photoshop or Premiere Pro, even fix or DIY the computer.

Since 2019, I became an excellent student, being featured by many extra classes and schools and being praised by some parents. Therefore, I began to share my study tips to encourage people to learn my excellent study tips and how I become excellent in order to let students study efficiently and become a better student.

I want to say: Keep studying during the holidays!

I Speak:
English Chinese-Simplified

Ken Deng

My Hobbies

  • Computer Components and Programming
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Table Tennis
  • Piano
  • Make English Friends

My Favorite Things

  • Color: Violet (#7d0dff, RGB: 125, 13, 255)
  • Foods: Beef Steak, Pizza, Chips
  • Sports: Table Tennis
  • Programming Languages: HTML, JavaScript, C++
  • Instruments: Piano
  • Movies: The Secret Superstar
  • Countries: United Kingdom
  • Games: 24 Points, Sudoku

My Skills

  • Edit pictures with Photoshop.
  • Make computer programs and apps with the following languages: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, C, C++, CMD, Python, etc.
  • Make videos with the computer.
  • Fix computer problems.
  • Type about 80 English words per minute.
  • Solve mathematical problems.

Passed Exams and Honors

  • Cambridge KET and PET
  • Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) programming certificate
  • Piano Grade 10 of Guangdong Musicians Association
  • Piano Grade 8 of Associated Board Royal School of Music (ABRSM)
  • IELTS Band 6.0 (last result)

My Favorite Places in Guangzhou, China

  • Guangzhou Library
  • Canton Tower
  • Baiyun Mountain
  • Zhujiang New Town
  • Guangzhou Books Center
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About Ken's Study Journey

Ken's Study Journey is a personal brand made by Ken Deng, a Chinese excellent senior high student, which provides high-quality articles, resources, and even lectures related to my school life, study strategy, study tips, and study habits.

As I am an excellent student, I usually share articles about my school life, study tips, study habits, and some useful resources such as knowledge and notes. This can let you study efficiently.

The name "Ken's Study Journey" simplifies the topics of my personal contents. It means you will study better as you explore my resources.

The name of my personal brand

The name of my website was my English name, Ken Deng, previously. This is because I didn't determine the topics on my website. I have shared my traveling routes, a few study tips, festival greetings, blogging, vlogging, programming, and taught foreigners to use Chinese high-tech that are not translated to English and/or other languages.

On September 2020, there was an upgrade on my personal brand, which updates the name and the domain name of my website to Ken's Study Journey and www.kenstudyjourney.com respectively. This can attract more visitors to my public resources and invite more people to learn my study tips.

The history of my website

I firstly built my website on WordPress.com because many people use WordPress to build their personal website. Then, I migrated my website to GoDaddy due to the restrictions of previous host. However, some schoolmates complained that my website was slow, because of the limited overseas network.

Then, I migrated my website to a better host, Tencent Cloud, which dramatically improves my website speed and performance and reduces the loading time.

I may pause publishing new articles if I'm busy with study

According to my "Study First" principle, I will pause publishing new articles on my website and/or WeChat public account if one of the following situations occurs:

  1. 2 weeks before an important exam or competition. (weekly and monthly exams are excepted)
  2. Dramatic decrease on my scores.
  3. Too many study tasks with no free time.

So, I may pause publishing new articles at any time. If I don't do that, the following consequences may occur:

  1. Dramatic decrease on my scores.
  2. Too much burden on study tasks.

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