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Happy China National Day!

Frequently Answered Questions

Recently, I have simplified the language on my website. Some extraneous contents have been removed and/or simplified.

Last Updated: 21 Aug. 2022 18:40 (GMT+8)

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Where are you from?

I am living in Guangzhou, China, a popular city with developed transportations (underground, BRT, trams) as well as beautiful tourism attractions.

My school is in Foshan and my hometown is in Guangxi Province.

What is your English ability?

I passed Cambridge KET and PET, but I am going to fix my English pronunciation problem for several months.

I also have taken an IELTS exam, with a Band 7.0 score. (Listening: 7.5; Reading: 7.0; Writing: 6.0; Speaking: 6.5)

Why is your English grammar or pronunciation usually wrong?

This is because I didn't study well in the past until 2019, so I need some time to improve my English skills.

Note: This problem is being mitigated since I have the opportunity to practise English at my school and IELTS lessons.

Do you use English or Chinese to talk with your schoolmates?

When I talk with my new schoolmates, I will use English first because it can improve my English communication skills. Then use Chinese only if they cannot speak English.

Also, my new school will use English to teach knowledge at all.

What devices do you have?
  • MacBook Air 2017 (acting as the main unit of my home PC, but I call it Mac mini)
  • Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse (with my Mac mini)
  • MacBook Pro 2020 (Intel chip; 4 Type-C ports)
  • AirPods Pro
  • 4 AirTags (on my backpack, pencil case, keyring, and luggage)
  • Apple Watch 7
  • iPhone 13 Pro
  • iPad (9th generation; base model, NOT Air or Pro)
Do you take naps at noon?

No. I don't take a nap at noon. Some CAIE international exams take place at 13:00.

What do you usually do in your free time?

I utilise my free time to study faster than others.

For example, I remember English words with Quizlet, read books and articles, watch videos and vlogs, listen to English audio, write website articles, make YouTube videos, and so on.

For more information, please read this article.

School and Study

What is the name and the website of your school? Where is it?

My school is called: Guangdong Country Garden School (GCGS).

It is in Foshan, Guangdong, China, which is adjacent to Guangzhou.

Do you have accommodation at school?

Yes. It is essential to live in the school because my school is quite far away from my home.

I will live in school on weekdays and go back home at weekend.

What type of accommodation do you have?

I live in my school apartment instead of a dorm.

I can make some decorations around my apartment bedroom to build my own study environment. Learn More

What is the type of your course?

I am studying Cambridge International AS and A Level. As well as CAIE, we also study Edexcel Further Mathematics and EPQ.

What subjects do your study in your school?

I am currently studying the following subjects:

Compulsory: Mathematics (9709), Further Mathematics (YFM01), EPQ, PE, IELTS.

Optional: Physics (9702), Computer Science (9618).

Does your school allow or ban electronic devices?

My school bans electronic devices such as smartphones and iPads. It can prevent students from playing games all day, and even during the lessons.

However, we may take our laptops and use them only for searching information on the Internet, preparing for exams and competitions, and making research projects.

What is your daily study routine at school campus?

To learn more about my study routine, please see this article.

What extra curricula do you have?

On Saturday morning (10:30 to 12:30), I have an IELTS speaking/writing lesson.

Why do you invent study strategies?

The first reason is that I was unable to use electronic devices and find information at my junior high school.

I also didn't realise that other people already have study techniques (e.g. Active Recall). So, I have invented my own techniques.


What type of your website is?

My website was previously a blog sharing my tutorials, personal routine and ideas.

Then I have started to share my study tips instead of other types of articles.

Since August 18, 2021 after I have updated my website, it was changed to a website that shares study tips. It can be an educational website.

What are the targeted audiences on your website?

My website is targeted for some students, parents and teachers, for example:

  • Students in international schools.
  • UK Students, studying GCSE and A Level.
  • University or college students.
How long will you keep your website running?

I estimated and promise that my website will keep running until at least 2035.

After I graduate from university in 2027, I will keep my website running for a few years.

When do you write website articles?

I write and publish new articles on my website if I have free time. This rule is implemented to let me focus on studying.

If you want to receive my latest study tips and articles, please subscribe to my email newsletter.

Can I post guest posts on your website?

No. Guest posts are not allowed on my website because I need to keep the originality of the content on my blog.

Where are your servers located?

My servers are located in China and the United Kingdom.

My China Server uses Alibaba Cloud and my UK Server uses Vultr (my invitation link).

My website and Study Planner are available on both servers in both languages (English and Chinese-Simplified).

Where are the costs of your website and servers come from?

My website is non-profit so it does not contain any ads and affiliate links.

The scholarships are the main source. That's why I can always keep my services and resources free.

  • Scholarships (60%, main source)
  • Parent's Subsidy for my Research (30%)
  • Giveaway from Hosting Providers and ISPs (10%)
Can I use AdBlockers or translation plugins on your website?

Certainly yes. My website is non-profit and free and there aren’t any ads. You are allowed to use AdBlockers on my website, but please note that some features may not be working correctly under some AdBlockers browser extensions.

You can translate the content on my website to your languages using some translation extensions on your browser.

Can I reblog your articles?

No. In order to protect my original work, you cannot copy or reblog my contents without my permission.

Do you use templates to make your website?

Previously, I had used the WordPress platform with themes (templates) and plugins to make my website.

Since August 2021, all codes on my website were written by myself using HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP and MySQL. I also have set up my servers by my own. I am no longer using WordPress or any other templates.

Email Newsletter

What types of content do you usually send on your newsletter?

I usually send my latest articles, study tips, latest news, and so on.

You can subscribe to my newsletter so you do not need to frequently check my website.

How to unsubscribe from your newsletter?

You can simply click the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the email and follow the instructions to unsubscribe.

If you have some issues and cannot unsubscribe, you can contact me with your subscribed email address and I will remove you from the subscription list.

Ken's Study Planner App

How to sign up for an account and use Ken's Study Planner?

Just open and then click "Sign up" button at the bottom.

You can see the tutorials here.

Does Ken's Study Planner Free?

Yes, my Study Planner is completely free with all features.

I have made this web-based app in my free time, using my programming knowledge, to boost my productivity.

Then, I decided to share it to other students worldwide.

When will you make Ken’s Study Planner desktop and mobile apps?

Approximately in 2023 or 2024, when I will in the university and after I will learn more programming knowledge.

How to delete my account?

You can delete your account if you no long want to use Ken's Study Planner.

Open Study Planner and log in to your account, click "Settings-Delete Account" and follow the instructions.

Audio Articles

Why do you provide audio articles?

This is because I need to practice my English speaking and pronunciation and enable people who cannot or are not convenient to read the text to 'read' my articles.

Note: Audio articles are available in English only.

What software do you use to record your audio articles?

I use Adobe Audition to record my audio articles.

It has an extra feature that I can cut off sentences or paragraphs that has been read incorrectly and record them again. So, I do not need to record the whole audio again and again.

Do you offer audio script for your audio articles?

Yes, I also publish a copy of the audio script along the way I publish new articles and its audio.

There will be an 'Audio Scripts' button beside the audio player. You can open the PDF file and see what's are recorded in case you cannot understand the audio.

Where do you find and download background music?

In YouTube audio library*. Here I can find and download copyright free background music.

I was previous a YouTuber, so I always find copyright free music there for my videos and audio articles.

* Note: The Audio Library link is now only available for YouTubers. You need to log in to your Google account to access it.

YouTube Videos

Why you have paused your YouTube channel?

My YouTube channel was available between August 2018 and February 2020. However, because of my heavy burden on studying, I have paused my channel until July 2023 when I will finish my A Level international exam and prepare for university.

This is because I didn't study well in the past until Grade 9, after which I need to work harder to overtake overs. So I don't have much time to manage my channel.

Recently, my productivity has been improved and I have made a lot of progress using my new invented strategies (e.g. separative studying system). I will probably continue my channel in advance if I still have too much free time.

If you are interested in, you can see my previous channel.

Will you provide Chinese translations on your YouTube videos?

All contents in my videos are spoken in English, but I will provide Chinese captions on my videos.

You can select the langauges of subtitles in video settings while watching.

Will you earn profits from your channel?

My website is always non-profit, but I may earn profits from my channel.

However, they are both non-profit until I go to university.