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If you have any questions or difficulties about studying and study tips and/or need any help, feel free to contact me and I am here to help you.

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Ask me Anything

You can send me many types of messages, including:

  • Article/video/feature requests;
  • Your questions;
  • Your suggestions and ideas;
  • Point out my errors;
  • (Festival) Greeting letters;
  • (etc.)

My Contacts

I understand that some social media platforms have daily rate limits on Direct Messages (DMs) (exceeding which may result in account ban) which contradicts with my No Rate Limit principle, so I recommend you to use emails.

You can send me messages and/or chat with me via email (the first domain email is recommended). It is not necessary to follow formal email formats.

You also can find my email in this Privacy Policy PDF file if you have trouble clicking the button above.