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Happy China National Day!

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If you have any questions or difficulties about studying and study tips and/or need any help, feel free to contact me and I am here to help you.

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Ask me Anything

You can send me many types of messages, including:

  • Article/video requests;
  • Your questions;
  • Your suggestions and ideas;
  • Pointing out my errors;
  • (Festival) Greeting letters;
  • (etc.)

Please Note:

  • Guest posts are not allowed because I need to keep the originality of my contents.
  • I speak English and Chinese-Simplified only. Messages in other languages will be neglected and will not be replied.

My Contacts

You can send me DMs (direct messages) via social media (e.g. Instagram, @kendeng1603) or emails.

You also can find my email in this Privacy Policy PDF file if you have trouble clicking the button above.