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Contact Me

If you have any questions or difficulties about studying and study tips and/or need any help, feel free to contact me and I am here to help you.

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I am a senior high student in Guangdong Country Garden School which restricts electronic devices, and I need to concentrate on my study tasks in the school campus. I only can reply to your messages at weekends or holidays. Thanks for your patience, but you can leave your messages now.

I Speak:

English Chinese-Simplified

Ask me Anything

I can answer many questions and pay my maximum effort help you if you have trouble. For example:

  • I cannot understand your contents such as your articles or knowledge explanations.
  • I cannot improve my study efficiency or score.
  • I cannot establish a cosy studying or working environment.
  • I cannot understand some knowledge. (exception: Chinese, biology, business studies, art, PE)
  • I don’t know how to use Chinese apps (e.g. Yuekang/Suikang Health Code, 高德地图, 大众点评)
  • I have some questions about Guangzhou, China (I live in there)
  • I have too much burden on studying and/or cannot arrange my schedule.
  • (etc.)
Did you know?

Many major YouTube channels and YouTubers do not provide an option for contacting him/her and they only give a 'Business Inquiries Only' email.

However, I allow and encourage people to contact me because I want to solve people's problems, with not only business enquiries.

Please Note:

  • Any guest posts are not allowed on my blog because I need to keep the originality of the content on my blog.
  • I speak English and Simplified-Chinese only. Emails in all other languages or spam emails (e. g. offering me website SEO services) will be neglected and will not be replied.

My Contacts

You can either send me DMs (direct messages) via social media (e.g. Instagram, Twitter) or use the contacts given below.

In order to prevent spam messages, the contact form on my website has been removed. Please send me messages to the contacts below.

I am going to take measures in order to stop malicious robots from getting my contacts. Please click the button below to view my contacts and make sure you are not a robot that sends spam emails. Thanks for your cooperation.


You also can find my email in this Privacy Policy PDF file if you have trouble clicking the button above.