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Revision and Exam Tips

Good Luck with your Exams!

I usually share my study, revision, and exam tips for (I)GCSE, A Level, IELTS and other exams based on my experiences.

My Suggestions

  • Read Questions Very Carefully
  • Keep your Desk Tidy
  • Don't Leave Many Tasks Until Deadline
  • Don't Discuss Answers with your Classmates After an Exam

Avoid Common Errors in Exams

Some questions are designed to have trap options.

You may be forgetting to change units, read questions carefully, multiply/divide 2, and finish hidden diagram-drawing questions in the middle.

Physics MCQ Trap Options 9702/11/M/J/20

Some common errors also apply to your projects. For example, a computer program will not function correctly if you have typos.

var type = "I am variable \"type\""; alert(typo); // This will throw an error since "type" and "typo" are different.

So, you need to read questions very carefully to correctly answer questions.

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