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My 2021 Study Plan, Daily Goals and Routine

Language/语言:   English   简体中文
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By: Ken Deng   Published on 28 Feb. 2021

Approx. 1700 words, 8 mins

Hello there! My name is Ken and I am a Chinese excellent senior high student in Guangdong Country Garden School. Welcome to Ken's Study Journey website and blog! Today, I am going to talk about my study plan, daily goals and routine in 2021 as a student.

Many students always have their study plan, goals, and routine to study effectively. Recently, I updated my plan, goals and routine to alleviate my burden.

In 2020, I was extremely busy preparing for an entrance exam, so I had too much burden on studying that is difficult to alleviate. Hence, my social topic was locked on studying during that year to let me focus on studying so I could not communicate with other people normally.

As my scores increase continuously, I want to alleviate my burden for a little bit to improve my study efficiency. This can reduce my tiredness.


Do not do too many things and too much alleviation other than studying although your scores are very good.

If there is a significant drop in my scores, my new relaxation can be cancelled to bring back my consciousness of studying.

My changes at the beginning of 2021 are very helpful for me, which involves reducing my unnecessary daily goals, unlocking my topic and some content restrictions, removing my personal rules, using Apple devices, apps and services completely, alleviating my burden as possible, and so on.

This article will talk about my recent changes on my study plan, daily goals and routine at the start of 2021. Let's jump into the article!

My 2021 Study Plan

To be honest, my study plan in 2021 has been changed for a little bit, enabling me to study more during my free time.

2 years ago, I started to discover and share academic knowledge in real life, but it is not included in my study plan. So, I added it to let me discover more knowledge to remember them firmly.

Recently, I started to use a dubbing app (英语趣配音) to imitate the voice in some videos and movies, practicing my English speaking skills and improving my pronunciation. This is important for me because I need to improve my IELTS speaking score.

This is my study plan, which can be done in my free time.

  • Watch an English movie every Friday evening, on the train or airplane.
  • Read books on the evening self-study lessons after I have finished all my study tasks, in the café, on the train or airplane.
  • Remember English words when waiting in the queue (for example, in the school mess), on the bus or underground. (use Quizlet and/or my own vocabulary cards)
  • Listen to English audio on the car, train or airplane. For example, TED Talks, Apple Podcasts, and audio articles. Music is excepted.
  • Discover and share academic knowledge in real life while travelling.
  • Practice English pronunciation using dubbing app every morning (except school days).
Did you know?

Do you know why I usually share the knowledge I discovered in my real life with others? (especially in WeChat Moments)

This can let other students understand the knowledge and apply them to real life more easily. Also, many of my classmates praise me because they understood a difficult knowledge point after viewing my posts.

My 2021 Daily Goals

In fact, I have removed some of my unnecessary daily goals at the beginning of 2021. This is because I want to alleviate my burden on studying.

As the burden on studying in my junior high school increases, I could not achieve some of my goals in 2020. However, I often pursue myself to achieve all of them in my free time.

More importantly, I added a goal about reading news to let me understand the things happen in the world.

These are my daily goals.

No. Goal Weekdays Weekend and Holidays
Goals 1-3, pause during and a week before exam day(s).
1 remember English words 40 40
2 read books (time, minutes) 30 30
3 read books (chapter) 1 1
Goals 4-6, for weekends and holidays only.
4 listen to English audio (minutes)
OR listening test
OR English speech
NOT music
5 practice English speaking using dubbing app (videos) 1
6 read news 1
Goals 7-10, generally no exceptions.
7 speak English (sentences) 100 50
8 write English (sentences) 200 150
9 chat with friends using English (include Siri) 2 2
10 take exercise (minutes) 15 30

My 2021 Daily Routine

Not only have I changed my plan and goals for the new year, but also I modified my daily routine.

In the morning at weekends, I usually check my emails, use English dubbing app, ride bicycles, read blog articles and/or watch vlogs about study tips and university campus life, remember English words using Quizlet, and so on.

Before sleep time in the evening, I always remember to fill in my daily goals checklist with my own system, review the words I have remembered today, check emails again, and plan for tomorrow.

In fact, I made my study plan manager system ( to manage my study plan, daily goals and schedule effectively as I have strong computer programming skills and I like computer programming.

However, only I can use this system currently because it is on the internal test (Beta) stage and it is incomplete. I will let you know once I finished the project and you will be able to register an account and use it.

My New Study Plan Manager with my 2021 Goals

In my free time at weekends and holidays, I usually finish my study plan as possible, such as reading books on Kindle, remembering English words, listening to English audio, discovering and sharing knowledge, and so on.

My Routine in my School

In my school, GCGS, however, my routine is different from the weekends and holidays version. This is because my school and most of other schools ban or restrict electronic devices and they have very strict rules.

Did you know?

At the start of 2021, the Ministry of Education of China banned students in primary and secondary schools from taking their smart phones into the campus.

I think it is a very useful and helpful rule and constraint because it restricts students from playing too many games. However, I have already made my (backup) study plan and routine for some special circumstances (this will be shown in my next article).

In fact, many things have not only benefits but also drawbacks. If a thing has too many disadvantages that can make severe negative impacts, the whole thing can be banned and it is considered as a 'demerit good' although it has many advantages.

For example, smart phones are banned in most of the schools worldwide although students can use them to study, such as remembering English words effectively. It is normal because it can eradicate the adverse effects.

I always take out my English vocabulary cards from my pocket to remember English words in my free time, especially when waiting in a queue during the lunch time in the school canteen.

After I have finished all of my study tasks in the evening self-study lessons, I often read my physical paper books.

My Other Changes in 2021

In 2020, my social topic was locked on 'studying' because I had too much burden on my study tasks. Hence, I always talk about studying, including but not limiting to study tips, knowledge, and great study habits. Also, I rarely make friends with and talk to my schoolmates with lower scores. This could let me avoid being affected negatively by others.

The reason is that I failed the entrance exam of SCIE, Shenzhen College of International Education, although I worked extremely hard on its preparations. I always regret that I didn't study well before.

In fact, I didn't study well until Grade 9 when my scores suddenly became excellent. So, I needed to spend efforts about 2 times than others to achieve the same scores as other excellent students. This is because most of the knowledge are very difficult for me to understand.

Related Knowledge

Now, I am going to talk about economics knowledge: Information failure.

Information failure is a factor that causes market failure. Some people do not know about the drawbacks of demerit goods and the benefits of merit goods. So, demerit goods are over consumed and hence over-produced. Also, merit goods are under-consumed and hence under-produced.

Many students don't know about the advantages of studying and the negative effects of games on the smart phone, so 'studying' is under-consumed and games are over-consumed. As a result, some students who addict to games get very low scores.

Since 2021, however, I changed my behaviours to allow me to make more friends, talk about some interested topics other than studying (e. g. blogging, Apple devices, weekend routine). Also, I increased the time limit on social and news apps. In fact, my scores have an increasing trend since the start of 2019.

In addition, I cancelled my rigid personal rules to allow me to study more freely and better. This is also because my parents had objections about my rules in the last 2 years.

Did you know?

In 2019, I made my strict personal rules after I was inspired when participating in an English Spelling Bee competition in Beijing, China to let me study better, which was taken effect since Grade 9. As a result, I suddenly entered the top 10 in my whole grade and the first rank in my class.

My personal rules in 2019 used credit scores, which is similar to my school. My points are seldom deducted whether in my school or in 2019 with my rules.

After I gained awareness of the importance of studying, my scores are increasing continuously. So, I do not need my own strict rules anymore since 2021.

Alright! This is the end of the article. Thanks for reading.

If you like this post, please click the thumb up button below and share this article. Also, you can write down your comment below if you have any ideas.

Still have questions or cannot understand my articles? Don't be hesitant to contact me and I am here to help you. I speak English and Chinese.

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Kevin Lee
I can't imagine how you manage to achieve everything you're planning. My academic routine involves a lot less, but I still don't get anything done.
Just recently I came across an article about independent learners and this is what I'm striving for now: And it seems to me that you, more than anybody else, have already mastered this, haven't you? I like the way you plan, I'll take note of some of the techniques. Good luck with your goals.
Ken Deng
You just need to study hard and follow my suggestions because my website always provides study tips for students around the world.
Hope you can obtain better results in your exam!
I don't have time to read the article you recommended because I am currently busy with the Cambridge IGCSE exam. I will read it later.
十分合理👍 👍 👍
Ken Deng