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My 2022 Study Plan and Goals | Getting Ready for New Year

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By: Ken Deng   Published on 31 Jan. 2022 , Updated on 14 Jun. 2022

Approx. 1000 words, 5 mins

New Year, New Start. As 2022 comes, it's time to make a reflection, change your study plan and goals. Recently, I have made some updates on my study system.

I have made a lot of achievements so far in 2021 under heavy pressure and more courses, but there is still something to be improved in the new year.

Today, I am going to briefly introduce my study plan and goals in 2022. Here we go!

My Reflection in 2021

First, I am going to tell you my reflections on 2021. While there are still some improvements to be made later on, I have made a lot of achievements.


Reflection plays an important role for students because they can make room for some improvements while studying.

You can make reflections at the end of the lesson, day, week, month and year. This will encourage and motivate you to be better.

My Achievements

During 2021, I have made a lot of achievements and prizes. This means my scores are relatively high comparing with other students.

Date Achievement
April 2021 The First 25% of CCC Computer Competition (Junior)
June 2021 Distinction of OUCC Computer Competition (Senior)
July 2021 Scholarship in Oxbridge Summer School (Read Article)
August 2021 Entered Oxbridge College at School (Read Article)
Got 6 A* 1 A in IGCSE International Exam
Made several English Internet Friends (bloggers and YouTubers) with my Interests (Computer Science, Sharing Study Tips)
September 2021 Elected as a Student Union Member - an Inspector of Disciplines (Read Article)
November 2021 Got an iPhone 13 Pro and Apple Watch 7 as Gifts (Read Article)
December 2021 Got 6.5 (6.0 per component) in the IELTS exam (Just one more step in any component (+0.5) to 7.0)
More than Once Award of Academic Excellence
Award of Former of Disciplines
The First Rank in Computer Science in the Whole Grade

Things to be Improved in 2022

I have listed several things that need to be improved in this year. My amended plan, daily goals and final goals will be described below.

  • Grades of Standaised Exam
  • Grades of IELTS Exam (including each component)
  • Level of Competitions
  • Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) and Research
  • Entrance Exams and Interview
  • Communication and Collaboration Skills
  • Quality of my Website and Articles (Public Resources)

My 2022 Daily Goals

My daily goals in 2022 is also slightly different from its 2021 version. It still follows my 4 major categories of study tasks and tasks weight.

It involves some goals that reference the records on Apple Watch, like Move, Exercise and Stand rings since I have got my Apple Watch 7. Whether these 3 rings are closed is also recorded in the daily goals checklist.

I have also made a new goal: Use at least 1 new English word (that I have just remembered recently). This can ensure that I am able to use the new words I have just remembered while writing and speaking.


You can make your daily goals and/or final goals as small as possible at the beginning to make sure that they are achieveable for you, especially for students who have heavy burden on their tasks.

Then you can improve your goals when you have very high achievements. So, this will overtake other students.

Instead of setting my daily goals' values too high, I usually set my goals to their lowest values initially (e.g. remember 5 English words, read books for 5 minutes, speak English for 10 sentences).

Last Updated: 27 October 2022 (from November 2022)

Study Tasks (Academic Subjects)

  1. 📚  Read books of academic subjects, including academic articles and IELTS reading, but not IELTS writing (15, 15; minutes)
  2. 📚  Read books of academic subjects, including academic articles and IELTS reading, but not IELTS writing (1, 1; chapters)
  3. 💡  Use "Active Recall + (Plus)" methodology to recall learned knowledge points (4, 1)
  4. 📝  Practise Graph Sketching Questions (3, 1, questions)

Study Tasks (English Language)

  1. 📒  Remember English words and get Quizlet Study Streak, including vocabulary of subjects and vocabulary revision (10, 10)
  2. 📒  Use English words and/or Grammar Points Remembered Recently, including vocabulary revision with sentences making (10, 10)
  3. 💬  Use Idioms while Speaking English (2; 2)
  4. 📣  Speak English (200, 200; sentences)
  5. ✍️  Write English (400, 400; sentences)
  6. 📚  Read English books or English news, including books related to major, IELTS reading/writing, and English articles. (15, 15; minutes)
  7. 📚  Read English books or English news, including books related to major, IELTS reading/writing, and English articles. (1, 1; chapters)
  8. 🎧  Listen to English audio or English speech/lecture, including IELTS listening, and vlogs on YouTube, but not music, telephone calls and talks (0, 30; minutes)
  9. 🎧  Be mindful about Pronunciation and Fluency while Listening to English Audio (0; 80; %)
  10. 📹  Watch English vlogs without captions (0, 30; minutes)
  11. 📣  Practise IELTS speaking, including (mock) interview (2, 1; topics)
  12. 💬  Be mindful about Speed, Pronunciation and Fluency while Speaking (80; 80; %)

Free Time Tasks

  1. 💬  Chat with friends using English, including Internet friends, Siri, blog/vlog comments, telephone calls, text messages (3, 3)

Any Time Tasks

  1. ➡️  Make the Move ring on Apple Watch closed (500; 500; Kcal)
  2. 🚴‍♀️  Take exercise and make the Exercise ring on Apple Watch closed (30; 30; minutes)
  3. 🧍‍♀️  Make the Stand ring on Apple Watch closed (12; 12; hours)

My 2022 Final Goals

In 2022, I will introduce a new study tool: Final Goals. Although we can trace our study situations with daily goals checklist, we will also need some final goals to have huge achievements.

Achieved goals will be indicated as green. One-time goals* that are failed to achieve will be indicated as grey.

* Note: One-time goals are the activity involved that can only be participated in ONCE only in this year.

  • IELTS Band 7.0 (6.5 per component) (partly achieved on 12 March)
  • Get higher prizes in CCC Competitions (Result: Junior top 6%)
  • Get higher prizes in OUCC Competitions (any prize in Elite) (Result: Elite Top 50%)
  • Get prizes in ACSL Competition (any prize) (Result: Individual Top Scores)
  • Get A or A* on EPQ (Result: A*)
  • Get 3 a (all AS subjects, 2 subjects >= 90% except for Further Maths) in AS International Exam (including School-assessed Score for the exam cancellation) (Result: 3a (>= 90%))
  • Get A* on A Level Mathematics (9709) (Result: A*)

Using Study Planner

I usually use Ken’s Study Planner as an electronic form of my study plans and goals. I can manage my goals, upcoming projects and events, and items checklist on it.

Ken's Study Planner

It is now opened for registration by the public, so you can sign up for an account and plan your study journey.

Using 5G and IPv6

Thanks for the 5G technology that saved student's 10% of studying time, allowing them find academic resources faster anywhere at any time. You now can access my website via the fastest 5G network now.

IPv6 mitigates the problem of IPv4 address exhaustion, allowing more students to enjoy the Internet, while 5G brings a blazing speed that improve student's studying experience.

If you have free time, you can learn more about IPv6 in this Computer Science knowledge explanation.


These are my study plan, daily goals and final goals for the new 2022. I hope you can have a better study journey this year.

Ken's Study Journey strives to provide high-quality articles about my tips and tutorials to study productively, together with some knowledge explanations. If you need help, I am here for you.

Subscribe to my email newsletter if you want to receive my latest articles, study tips, and news.

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