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How do I remember new English words faster?

Language/语言:   English   简体中文
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By: Ken Deng   Published on Sep. 22, 2019

Approx. 450 words, 2 mins

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Recently, I have to remember a myriad of new English words. So I have to think about some ideas to remember more English new words in a short time.

I have invented 3 ways to do that. Today, I am going to share my ways to do it faster.

1. Make an English Word Board

I often have nothing to do after school from Monday to Thursday unless I didn't finish my homework. So I want to remember new English words.

It is too hard to look at my English notebook at home, because the text is very small, and putting my notebook onto the wall or the ceiling in my bedroom is impossible. So, I'd like to make an English Word Board which can hang on the wall and easy to see. I usually look at my English Word Board as I go through it.

I have installed the board several months ago, so I can remember English words in my bedroom easily. I just need to look at the board as I go through it. Also, I will update the words once a week.

If you want to make this like me, you just need to put a blackboard or whiteboard onto the wall and write some English words on it.

This way is one of my inventions, you can study from me.

My English Word Board on my bedroom wall

English Word Board

The instructions of my English Word Board

English Word Board Manual

2. Using Quizlet

Quizlet is a free tool which can let you remember words faster by playing some games (e. g. match, gravity, dictation), not only in English. I usually use it in my free time.

You just need to sign up a free account, create a study set and put your new words and their meaning to it. Then, you can play some games to practice them.

Quizlet Write English Words according to Chinese Meaning Quizlet Write English Words Answered Correctly
Quizlet Write Chinese Meaning according to English Words Quizlet Write Chinese Meaning Answered Correctly
Quizlet Writing Mode Quizlet Writing Mode 100% Score
Quizlet Test 100% Score Quizlet Dashboard

3. Look at my English New Words notebook while in queue

Although my school bans electronic devices, I still can remember new English words by looking at my notebook.

I usually record new English words into my notebook at school. I don't have free time in my school, but I need to wait in a queue while I am going to get foods in the school mess. So, I want to use this opportunity to bring and look at my notebook to remember new English words.

Also, I am going to put the words I collected at school into Quizlet from my notebook every weekend.


I have invented 3 ways to remember new English words faster, you can study from me and I hope my ways can be helpful for you.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

Thanks so much for reading!

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