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How I Have Strong Self- and Time-management Skills as a Top Student?

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By: Ken Deng   Published on 20 Nov. 2021

Approx. 1500 words, 7 mins

Since I have been featured by most audiences in a time-management lecture for introducing my time-management skills and tools for utilising my free time, I realised that I have strong self-management and time-management skills.

Hello there! My name is Ken and I am a Chinese senior high A Level student in Guangdong Country Garden School. Welcome to another article on Ken's Study Journey website and blog!

Self-management, time-management and self-discipline are 3 pivots for students to boost their productivity, avoid distraction and get better results, without which we cannot concentrate on studying.

For this reason, I have also entered the student union successfully, inspecting, evaluating and correcting student's behaviours around the school campus.

This week, I am going to talk about my study tips and experiences related to self-management and time-management skills. Here we go!

The Essential Things to be Self-disciplined

Obviously, you do need a variety of techniques and constraints to improve your self-management skills and be self-disciplined.

Follow the Rules Strictly

The first thing is that following the rules strictly is crucial for students. This includes not only rules in groups and classes and disciplines at school, but also regulations in cities and countries.

So, why rules are important? In fact, all rules are designed, made and implemented to maintain a safe and productive environment. Without rules, the whole community will descent into chaos.

Every single rule is made with some positive reasons. If you think that some rules are too strict for you, you can guess some possible reasons behind them.

For example, many schools restrict electronic devices. This is because schools want students to concentrate on studying so they will get excellent scores. But, of course, you can do tasks that are irrelevant to studying at home and in other places outside the school campus.

By following every single rule, you will realise that you are making the studying vibe at school and the environment in society better.

How I Follow Rules Strictly?

Normally, there do have some staff and student union members to inspect whether people violate rules and regulations. However, they have limited time and effort, so some rules and some areas are inspected more strictly than others.

However, I do follow most rules and even pursue others to follow rules whether inspectors are there, so I usually feel comfortable while studying. Here are some examples:

At 22:30 when is the normal sleeping time at my school, I turn off the lights in my dorm room and pursue other roommates to sleep earlier. I will remind, warn or even report them to my homeroom teacher if they still talk very loudly after several minutes.

We are required to scan the Passenger Registration QR code of Suikang (Guangzhou Health) Code when entering a public place and show the green code to the staff. I usually do this even if they do not check my codes. Similarly, I always show my Suikang Code when taking Guangzhou Metro whether there is someone checking the code.

Did you know?

All passengers are required to show their Yuekang Code or Suikang Code to take Guangzhou Metro since 4 August, 2021. You are not allowed to take the underground if your health code is red or yellow. This can strengthen the Covid-19 prevention and control.

Now, I will show you some sunflower codes of the health codes and itinerary record card.

Guangzhou Health Codes Mini Program

I always throw rubbish with the correct colours of containers. This can protect the environment as the wastes can be disposed of correctly.

Did you know?

On 1 July 2019, some cities in China, especially Shanghai and Guangzhou, implemented and enforced some rules of waste categorisation.

In fact, I haven’t studied well in the past, but I have realised that studying and following rules are crucial for every single student and overtaken my classmates in Grade 9.

I always turn off the lights in the dormitory and compel my roommates to sleep when the time is up at 10:30 PM although teachers do not come. Also, I usually warn my roommates who talk loudly after the sleeping time and report to my homeroom teacher when necessary to make sure I have good productivity on the second day.

— My Some Words on Students Union Election Speech

Set Limitations

As well as some public rules, setting your limitations on your things is also important as it can reduce addiction.

For example, I only can use social media and news apps 2 hours a day. These apps are only used if I have extra free time and/or I feel tired. I will not use them until tomorrow once the time limit is reached.

To implement this limitation, I have set the Screen Time on my Apple devices about these apps and websites (Safari only). It will display a reminder and the app will be quitted after the time limit.

Screen Time Limitations

Also, I often suddenly check my screen time report on my devices at any time to ensure that I follow this requirement. This is similar to teachers who inspect students whether they are using electronic devices improperly (e.g. playing games at school).

Using Precious Time Effectively

Top students with strong self-management and time-management skills usually use their precious time effectively.

Time is fragile, so you need to cherish every second.

— My Previous Word in 2019

Using Daily Tasks/To-do List

Recently, I have released my Daily Tasks List which helps me do the right things and focus on my tasks and while studying.

Because the things are listed, you will not need to think about what should you do. This can ensure that you are doing the things you really want to do.

Daily Tasks List Sample

I also use Apple reminders app in case I need to be reminded to do something at a certain time later.

Having a Clear Study Plan and Daily Goals

Having plan and goals is essential for students because they will accumulate knowledge every single day to overtake others. You cannot pursue yourself without goals.

As well as my daily goals, I also have my Daily Goals Checklist that checks whether I have achieved every single goal during the day. It also has a monthly summary feature so that I can make suitable study plans for my future study journey.

Daily Goals Checklist Monthly Summary

In addition, I have my Tasks Weight that allocates my time and effort to right places.

Did you know?

A student in my school self-studied the whole IGCSE Additional Mathematics (0606) coursebook during the China National Day festival when he/she felt bored.

Practice your Skills Every Day

Students need to practice their essential skills, like listening, reading, writing, speaking, communication and thinking skills, during their whole study journey.

The earlier time they practice their skills, the higher results and academic performance they will get.

For example, I need to practice IELTS Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking because I will go for university in the UK later on, so I have set my study plan and daily goals that can practice my English skills in general ways.

As I described in the last article, top students usually utilise their free time in transportations to practice their skills, including listening and reading English materials, remembering English words, and so on.

I usually listen to TED talks and Podcasts to practice English listening, read English articles in university official websites like Imperial College News to practice reading, write articles on my website to practice writing, and chat with my classmates using English to practice speaking.

Did you know?

There are 2 formats of IELTS exam: Academic and General Training.

If you need to go to university in English-speaking countries, you need to take the Academic format as the contents of reading and writing are academic type.

Articles on university official websites are similar to IELTS Academic reading articles, while news and notices we usually read are similar to IELTS General Training reading articles. So, you can explore loads of fruitful resources in university websites.

By the way, I always discover, apply and share academic knowledge in real life. This can not only improve my thinking skills, but also help me memorise knowledge points more firmly.

Discover Knowledge in Real Life

Don't Put Too Much Pressure and Avoid Burnout

However, you need to avoid burnout because our effort every single day is limited. Excessive studying can result in tiredness and decrease in your productivity.

In fact, I was extremely busy in a week due to heavy workload on my study and student union tasks, so I should have achieved the goal about remembering English words.

Heavy Workload

A few weeks ago, I watched a YouTube video "How to Avoid Burnout?" from Kharma Medic, who is a medical student at King's College London, about some methods to mitigate burden while studying.

As well as studying, we need to take exercise to strengthen our body so we can boost our productivity later on.


These are the things that I usually do to become self-disciplined and improve my time-management skills. I hope you can endeavour according to my suggestions and achieve better academic performance!

Ken's Study Journey strives to provide high-quality articles about my tips and tutorials to study productively, together with some knowledge explanations. If you need help, I am here for you.

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