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My 8 Strict Requirements for Studying as an A Level Student

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By: Ken Deng   Published on 12 Sep. 2021

Approx. 1900 words, 8 mins

Hello there! My name is Ken and I am a Chinese senior high A Level student in Guangdong Country Garden School. Welcome to Ken's Study Journey website and blog!

The summer vacation has ended and I have made several strict requirements in the vacation to motivate me to study better in real life.

Making requirements and setting goals is crucial for students because they can create motives to study better in their free time. You cannot pursue yourself without goals and requirements.

Utilising free time can study more and more to overtake other students. We can do a huge amount of things in our spare time. This is a good chance to study and practice.

Today, I am going to talk about my 8 new requirements whenever and wherever I am studying. Here we go!

Recall at least 50% of Main Idea

In fact, we always lost some content whether they are important or unimportant while reading books, listening to lectures, TED talks or podcasts, or watching YouTube videos.

So, why is this? This is because we may be distracted sometimes by the things that happened nearby, especially noises, or the chain reactions in our minds based on the content we are listening to or reading.

I always recall the main idea after listening to or reading a chapter or passage. I usually can recall about 70% to 80% of the main idea, depending on the difficulty of the contents.

To ensure that I absorb even all contents on the materials I have just ingested, I made a requirement that I need to recall at least 50% of the main idea after listening or reading.

If I fail to recall it, I will need to listen or read again and again to obtain the missing parts.

However, if I fail to do that several times on the same day (maybe because I am tired), I will listen to or read the same material again a few days later.

Reducing Potential Errors

Sometimes, I may make mistakes while writing articles or finishing homework, which should be reduced every single day. Potential errors are the errors that can be found by myself.

There are 2 main places where I may make some mistakes commonly, articles on my website and homework at school.

No more than 20% Potential English Errors on my Website Articles

We may generate some English errors like spelling, grammar or pronunciation when writing articles on the Internet.

One of the reasons why I create my own website and writing English articles to share my study tips is that I want to practice and improve my English skills, including writing and speaking.

While I am making practices on my English skills, I need to reduce my mistakes from time to time, using advanced English words and grammar. Otherwise, there will be no effect on writing articles.

I usually use Grammarly and other English grammar correction apps and plugins after writing an article to make sure I am using the correct grammar. I also can learn more about some common grammar mistakes and be careful next time while writing articles.

I have started recording audio articles on my website since July 2021, which can be found at the top of each English article. So, I have a chance to correct my English pronunciation errors.

My requirement is that I should not make more than 20% potential errors on my articles and audio articles to prevent making the same mistakes again and again.

No more than 20% Potential Errors in Homework

We may also generate some mistakes while finishing homework at school, especially mathematical mistakes that can be caused by carelessness.

For example, we may incorrectly identify each calculation symbol or press incorrect keys on calculators.

These kinds of errors should also be reduced as well as English errors on my website articles to get higher grades for my homework and exams.

If there are some errors inside my homework due to carelessness, there will be so many bugs in the programs and apps we develop as we may produce errors repeatedly, and we will get low grades on homework and exams.

So, I have also created a requirement that I need to keep the errors on my homework as low as possible, which should not exceed 20% unless it is close to its deadline or I have a very heavy workload.

Because of this strict requirement I have set before the semester, my homework got almost all correct.

Be aware of English voice and tones while listening to Podcasts / watching YouTube videos

In fact, my IELTS speaking score remains at its previous value because I had no chance to practice English speaking previously.

However, because I have entered Oxbridge College at my school, I have an opportunity to practice English speaking with my classmates.

The person behind English TED talks, Podcasts and YouTube videos are all native speakers, so I can imitate their voice and tones while listening or watching.

So, I am going to try to imitate their voice and tones while listening to English materials. This can not only correct my wrong pronunciations but also raise my awareness of tones in English speaking.

Have a Tidy and Cosy Studying Environment

As we know, we need to have a tidy and cosy environment to study productively. Without this kind of environment and place, we can be distracted by the surroundings which can be time-consuming.

The tidier the environment is, the more productivity we will have. With a tidy place and great hygiene, we can find our materials more easily and quickly. Also, we will not be interfered with by mosquitos flying around us while studying.

Although there are some strict rules and criteria about tidiness and hygiene at school, we always need to maintain a clean studying environment wherever we are.

So, I always keep my study environment tidy and clean at not only my school, but also my bedroom at home. Also, I clean my bedroom and organise my bookshelf on a monthly basis.

There are many things that we need to keep tidy, like desktop, cupboard, bookshelf and floor.

Requirements of Goals

Have at least 50% of achievement rate of each goal monthly

Goals are the set of tasks amount that we need to complete on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis. It also can be terminals that you want to go to in the future.

Goals are crucial for every student because they indicate what things should you do within a time range. They can be very small and you can accumulate knowledge every day, but you cannot pursue yourself without goals.

Now, I am going to talk about daily goals because they can be achieved easily.

See my Daily Goals

I have set some daily goals since 2019, but sometimes I may not achieve them even if I do have free time.

So, how can I compel me to achieve my goals? I have set a standard of the achievement rate of my daily goals every month. I need to have a rate greater than 50% on each goal at the end of the month. Otherwise, I will need to adjust my study plan for the next month to better achieve my goals.

Finish according to Situations, but Not Too Much

However, the goals should not be too high, Otherwise, we will increase our burden with the limitation of our skills. So, the goals may not be achieved at all.

We can finish our goals according to situations. In fact, I didn't remember any new English words on my vocabulary cards last week because I had a heavy workload, preparing for some school activities apart from studying.

Did you know?

My school has some strict criteria on exam scores for upgrading to a higher grade. Although the criteria for standard classes may be quite low, they still can motivate and compel students to endeavour while studying.


You can start your goals with very low values and increase them periodically. If your goals are very high, you may have too much burden to achieve them.

Chat with Classmates in English

Since I entered the Oxbridge College in my school, I got an opportunity to chat with my classmates using English.

Chatting in English can practice and improve my English speaking skills. Practice makes perfect. By practising more and more every single day, we can have adequate skills with sufficient advanced vocabulary and grammar one day.

Moreover, my class has an English Corner (i.e. English speaking time) before each evening lesson when we can chat with different members in our class on different topics.

I have already made this promise before entering senior high school. So, I will keep this promise to enhance my English skills.

Becoming a Student Union Member

These are my 8 strict requirements that boost my productivity, but, by the way, I have an extra thing that I want to tell you. Recently, I have been elected by and entered the student union at school, acting as an inspector of disciplines.

By being an inspector of disciplines, I am going to check and correct student's behaviours throughout the school campus, including whether the classroom hygiene fails to meet some criteria during the big cleanup. This can help students establish a clean and comfortable studying environment to boost their productivity.

I know some students may be afraid of student union members because they are strict, but they can make our study environment better.


Don't be afraid of student union members. Their aim is to establish and maintain an excellent study environment and they can help students to study better.

We should always make strict requirements to ourselves to boost our productivity and study effectively with or without supervision.

Don't put too much pressure on studying whatever your requirements are. You just need to obey the requirements you have set.

This is the first time I have ever been a student union member. Because I have strong self-management skills and strict disciplines, my homeroom teacher has invited me to participate in the election speech. It increases my honour as I can gain experiences. I have cherished such a great opportunity after I received the invitation from my teacher.

In fact, I haven’t studied well in the past, but I have realised that studying and following rules are crucial for every single student and overtaken my classmates in Grade 9.

I always turn off the lights in the dormitory and compel my roommates to sleep when the time is up at 10:30 PM although teachers do not come. Also, I usually warn my roommates who talk loudly after the sleeping time and report to my homeroom teacher when necessary to make sure I have good productivity on the second day.

— My Some Words on Students Union Election Speech


The 8 strict requirements I have made are:

  1. Recall at least 50% of Main Idea
  2. No more than 20% Potential English Errors on my Website Articles
  3. No more than 20% Potential Errors in Homework, unless Close to Deadline
  4. Be aware of English voice and tones while listening to Podcasts / watching YouTube videos
  5. Have a Tidy and Cosy Studying Environment
  6. Have at least 50% of achievement rate of each goal monthly
  7. Finish according to Situations, but Not Too Much
  8. Chat with Classmates in English

Ken's Study Journey strives to provide high-quality articles about my tips and tutorials to study productively, together with some knowledge explanations. If you need help, I am here for you.

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