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Study Environment

Study in Different Environments

We can study among different environments, including café school, library, home, etc.

Places I Study

I study in a variety of places, including café, libraries, bookstores, transportations, parks, and my home.

By studying in different environments, you will not be bored and hence be motivated.

I Study and Practise Past Papers at Starbucks
See my Study Places

Bedroom Decorations

You can also decorate your bedroom while you are staying at home (due to pandemic, lockdown, etc.). This can enhance the studying vibe without going outside.

You can use a variety of items, including leaves, flowers, fairy lights, electronic fake candles, pinboards, stickers, and perfumes.

My Bedroom Tour

My Ideal Study Environment Assumptions

Similar to Ideal Gas in Physics, the last one is my ideal study environment assumptions where I can achieve perfect productivity.

I have several assumptions of conditions for my Ideal Study Environment. For example,

  • WiFi is Provided (Minimum Speed: 50 Mbps (6.25 MB/s))
  • Enough Lights and Illuminations
  • Enough Places to Put Items
  • Electronic Devices are Allowed
  • Suitable Desk Height
  • Wide Desk
  • Comfortable Desk and Chair/Sofa
  • Has Charging Ports
  • Foods and Drinks are Allowed
  • Quiet (less than 70 dB)
  • Zero Distraction
  • Zero Boredom
  • Zero Tiredness
  • Versatile Decorations
  • Can Stay for a Long Time
  • Relaxing Music
  • No Need to Purchase Items to Stay Here
  • Has Clocks and/or Timers

Like Ideal Gas, my Ideal Study Environment assumptions may be unachievable in some places.

At my home, I have been making my environment closer and closer to the criteria.

My Ideal Study Environment at Home

My Ideal Study Environment at Home

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