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7 Places to Study Faster and Productively

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By: Ken Deng   Published on 17 Jan. 2020 , Updated on 3 Jul. 2022

Approx. 1100 words, 5 mins

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Study faster and effectively is indispensable for students because it can let you get more knowledge in a short time. If you study slowly, you will need to take more time to study and you will have less free time.

In order to study effectively, you need to find a good and quiet place to study. Meanwhile, studying in a good place can be better for your score and result.

However, if you study in a noisy or bad environment, you will study slow and slow and it will take your valuable time.

As I am an A Level student. My studying tasks are heavier and heavier. I need to study even all day.

Today I am going to introduce 7 places where you can study effectively.

The Conditions to Study Productively

First, I am going to tell you about the conditions to study better. Studying environment should have some good conditions.

  1. Good Atmosphere
  2. Quiet (noise is less than 70 dB)
  3. Stay for a quite long time
  4. Delicious and energetic foods
  5. Enough lights and illuminations
  6. Enough places to put things
  7. Enough studying spaces
  8. Nice service
  9. Free WiFi and charging ports (optional)

1. Coffee Shops / Café

Coffee shops are my best choice to study. They have a lot of benefits so we can study effectively there.

Their atmosphere is very clean so I can be energetic to study. The foods are very good as extra energy. Both atmosphere and food can boost my studying speed. I can study and refill energy in unison. They are so quiet even if there are so many people in them, the noises are usually quieter than 60 dB.

Coffee shops usually have free WiFi and charging ports so that you can save your cellular data and find information and knowledge on the Internet conveniently, and you can charge your devices so that you can study for a long time. Also, they have enough lights and spaces to put things and study. You will study as an express speed as a result.

I do believe coffee shops are excellent places to study effectively. Never have I studied in coffee shops slowly.

Studying and Preparing for A Level Exams at Starbucks

Preparing for A Level Exams at Starbucks

My Rating: 5/5

2. School

School is my second choice. You can study in a school, including your classroom, self-study room, and library.

In some occasions, due to the pandemic at my home city, I have to stay at school at some weekends.

If you feel bored, you can find motivation at school by studying and discussing together with your classmates or schoolmates.

Since it is the main place to study and have lessons, you can keep self-studying there to enhance your studying vibe. You will seldom be distracted since this is a place designed for studying.

However, some schools may restrict or ban electronic devices to ensure the safety of students.

Preparing for A Level Exams While Staying at School

Preparing for A Level Exams While Staying at School

See my Story: Prepare for A Level Exams at School

My Rating: 5/5

3. Libraries

Libraries are my third choice. You can study in a library instead.

The library is the quietest place to study. The noises are usually quieter than 45 dB. It has enough space to put things and study. It also has enough lights and charging ports so you can study in the evening or for a long time.

There are a lot of books so I can borrow some books and get more knowledge.

However, some libraries ban foods so I can’t eat or drink to get more energy to study.

Guangzhou Library

The Colourful Night Scenery of Guangzhou Library

My Rating: 4/5

4. Bookstores

The next one is bookstores. It is also a good place to study and buy books.

There are so many people buying books every day, so there are quite noisy, louder than 60 dB. They have enough places to put things and enough lights.

If I have some outdoor homework about buying books, I can study and buy books in one place.

Some bookstores have coffee shops, so I can study in an excellent environment.

My Rating: 4/5

5. Transportations

Want to save your valuable time and use spare time to study? Transportations are some good places to save your time, aren’t they? You can study while you are on the transportations like trains and planes so you can study until you are arriving at your destination.

It is very noisy in the transportations, at least 80 dB. You, however, can do as much homework as you can according to your journey time.

You can eat or drink things (partly), and there are enough lights for you to study.

Note: Pause doing your homework during the turbulence on the plane.

See What do Students Do in Transportations

My Rating: 3/5

6. Parks

Park is the best place to relax, and there are some chairs where you can sit down and read books. The atmosphere is so good because there are so many plants that can absorb CO2 and release O2. There is enough sunlight so you can read your books without difficulty. In case you are tired, you can take a rest, watch the scenery and relax. Then you can continue studying.

Parks are very quiet, usually quieter than 80 dB. You can stay there for a long time. Some parks have free WiFi, and some parks have cafés.

If the book you are reading is related to the scenery, you can combine with the scenery and the book while reading so you can read faster.

Huacheng Square, Zhujiang New Town, Guangzhou, China

Huacheng Square, Zhujiang New Town, Guangzhou, China

My Rating: 4/5

7. Your Home

Can’t find a good place to study? Are there so many people in the places I recommended above? You can study at your home.

Sometimes, due to the pandemic or lockdown, you have to stay at home to study.

The technology is very good right now. You can use the apps I have recommended or chat with your classmates to study at your home.

You, however, might feel boring at your home. You may find a better studying place nearby as you can if you feel very boring.

Study at my Bedroom Desk with Decorations

You can also decorate your bedroom to reduce your boredom without changing places. This will allow you to immerse yourself in an environment that you are studying at a café or other places.

  My Bedroom Tour

* The conditions may vary at different places.

Explore More Study Tips

These are my suggestions about the places to study effectively. I hope you can study faster and faster with my suggestions.

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