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Study Tools

My Invented Study Tools

I usually recommend some productive study tools of top students to students to boost their productivity.

I have invented some study tools using my programming knowledge to solve my studying and planning difficulties.

Study Timer

With a timer, you will realise how fast the time passes.

Because your time is limited, you will be motivated to concentrate on your study tasks and study productively.

Sometimes, students waste their time in their self-study sessions without realising it. By setting a time limit, you will limit your time on one task.

I have made an online timer as well as my invented smart desk clock using old phones.

My Invented Smart Desk Clock
Online Timer

Ken's Study Planner App

I have also invented a web-based Study Planner app using programming knowledge to demystify my study planning process.

Ken's Study Planner integrated daily goals checklist, projects manager, events manager, and checklist.

You just need to sign up an account, fill in your daily goals, upcoming projects and events, morning and evening routines. Then, you can see and manage your situations easily.

Ken's Study Planner App

My favourite feature is that it displays how many days left until the next exam.

Ken's Study Planner Displaying Days Left

Another one is that it tells you what your next lesson is based on your schedule.

Displaying Next Lesson on Study Planner
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Items Checklist

Do you know why I never forget everthing to take for studying every single day?

Here's my Items Checklist. With an item checklist, you can prepare and check the things you need to take. It will help you memorise your items like your pencil case.

My Items Checklist

Tasks List

As well as the Tasks List, I also create a Tasks List with which I can do everything I want in a day.

With the Integrated Planning System, I also ensure that I can achieve my daily study goals by finishing my tasks.

My Tasks Checklist

Subject Folders

Is your Study Materials Messy? Messy study materials can occupy more spaces and you will need more time to find them.

Here's my folders. You need to organise your paper-based materials using some folders. You can also organise your computer documents using folders (and Tags if you are using macOS or iPadOS).

My Subject Folders

Grid Notebooks

I also use some grid notebooks, especially for Mathematics graphs, to take organised notes.

Great Study Habits Posters

In order to form great study habits, I have stuck some reminder posters in my home and school apartment bedroom.

Motivative Desktop Backgrounds

As well as the Great Study Habits posters, I also have made some motivative desktop backgrounds for my Mac mini and MacBook Pro.

This one is used during the AS (A Level) exam period.

A* Exam Motivation Background

After the exam period, I have also made another background to motivate myself to study diligently.

Oxbridge Motivation Background

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