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A Level international exam / assessment is in progress. Ken's Study Journey hopes you can pass the exam and get outstanding results!

Study Tools

These are My Tools to Study Effectively

They can Help you get Better Results!

Bedroom Decorations

Showing your Personality and Improving your Productivity

Decorating your room can make yourself in a comfort zone while studying on the desk.

Learn More > My Apartment Decoration

Integrated Planning System

Plan your Study Journey in One Place

With the integrated planning system, you can plan your study journey in a secure way.

Learn More > Integrated Planning System with Goals

Items Checklist

Never Forget Everything to Take

With your checklist, you can ensure you have everthing you need for studying and working.

Learn More > Items Checklist

Tasks List 2.0

Do the Right Things and Boost your Productivity

The daily tasks list combines a number of to-do lists in different time points.

Learn More > Daily Tasks List Sample

Subject Folders

Do the Right Things and Boost your Productivity

With subject folders, you can organise your paper materials and make room for your study tasks.

Learn More > My Subject Folders

Study Timer

Make Sure you are Concentrated while Studying

With a timer, you can concentrate on your study tasks and study productively within a time limit.

Learn More > My Study Timer

Knowledge Flashcards 4.0

Not only Vocabulary

Remember knowledge points, formulae, and chemical equations effectively as well as vocabulary!

Learn More > Knowledge Flashcards v4.0

Reminding Bookmark

along with some tips

Read books every day with some reminders.

Learn More > My Bookmark v1 My Bookmark v1 Back

Daily Goals Checklist

Ensuring the Achievement of Goals

You cannot pursue yourself without goals.

Learn More > Daily Goals Checklist Personal Version

Ken's Study Planner

Plan your Study Journey with a Few Clicks

The first app I have made so far.

Learn More >
Ken's Study Planner Main Interface

Colourful Labels

Labelling some Important Knowledge

Different colours have different meanings. You just need to see the colours when revising your knowledge.

Learn More >
Colourful Labels

Now, Study Effectively with my Powerful Tools!

Have any questions or need help? feel free to contact me. I am here for you!

Hope you can Improve your Scores!