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Update Logs

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This is the update log for my website since 2019. In the latest 6.0 in 2021, it brought many new features for you to improve your studying experience.

Note: Logs before version 6.0 (June 26, 2021) may be vague or inaccurate because there were no logs during that period.

Known Issues

These are the bugs and issues currently exist on my website, but I don't have time to fix them now as I am busy on studying, or I cannot think about the logic to fix them in a short time.

Images on my Old Articles are Loading Very Slowly

Recently, a visitor has reported a problem on my website that the images on old articles on my website are loading very slowly. Some images are not loaded after the reader has finished reading the whole article.

This is because the images are very large and the bandwidth of my server is limited. I am going to compress all images on my server in my free time.

Workaround: Open my articles in advance, swipe to the bottom and wait until the images are loaded completely before reading.

Menu is Clipped on Small Phone Screens

On some small phone screens (or you have increased the system font size), such as iPhone 5, some links at the top of the menu cannot be displayed and they are hidden beyond the top of the screen.

I am going to make the menu scrollable and modify it back to the previous style.

Workaround: Adjust and decrease the zoom of my website on browser settings when using the menu, or use the footer links instead.

Autonavi (Gaode) Map API causes webpage crash on Safari

The webpages using Autonavi Map API usually crash on Safari, while they are working normally on other browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

I have temporarily disabled this API on Safari to make sure all pages can be displayed normally.

Workaround: Use another browser to access my website and read my articles.

ver 6.0 (Current, Latest)

Aug. 18, 2021

  • Changed the menu bar into Apple rounded rectangle style
  • Added dark mode for non-Apple devices and OS
  • Moved the menu button at the bottom-right corner (does not conflict with iOS 15 Safari tab bar at bottom)
  • Added knowledge explanation
  • Added update logs
  • Report bugs in JavaScript and PHP automatically to the host: Ken Deng
  • Removed WordPress that slows down my website speed with unnecessary codes and features
  • Updated home page that directly shows my latest content
  • Updated interface which was inspired by Apple products and website
  • Changed the structure on my website, from article-intensive to resource-intensive with some new-designed pages
  • Added polite error pages and 404 Not Found page
  • Further optimised for SEO
  • Added hoping bar and disclaimers at the bottom of each page

ver 5.4

Jun. 19, 2021

  • Added email anti-phishing feature with unique codes (I invented this)
  • Added audio articles (English only)

ver 5.3

Date unknown in March 2021

  • Improved the sharing buttons
  • Added QR code sharing
  • Removed highlighters as it is very time-consuming
  • Removed Gravatar API
  • Added email newsletter again
  • Added dark mode for Apple devices

ver 5.2

Sep. 13, 2020

  • Changed the name of my personal brand to Ken’s Study Journey
  • Changed the domain name of my website to
  • Added highlighters in articles
  • Deleted all articles unrelated to studying
  • Added human review for comments to further reduce spam comments
  • Removed email newsletter
  • Added testimonials

ver 5.1

Aug. 18, 2020

  • Removed Cloudflare from my website
  • Migrated my website to a Chinese host: Tencent Cloud to further boost the loading speed and reduce latency on my website
  • Removed Jetpack

ver 5.0

Date unknown in July 2020

  • Removed some animations from the website
  • Added logo rotating animation on the menu (it represents my logo is central symmetry)
  • Removed some unnecessary parts from home page
  • Upgraded reCAPTCHA to v3
  • Added CCPA Do Not Sell my Personal Information button and request page
  • Added icons in buttons and menus (by FontAwesome)

ver 4.0

Date unknown in December 2019

  • Added some animations on the interface and buttons
  • Changed the colour of the interface to violet
  • Designed and made my 2020 logo
  • Optimised with SEO
  • Enhanced like/dislike feature
  • Added free resources downloading feature

ver 3.1

Date unknown in September 2019

  • Hid my email address with reCAPTCHA in contact page to prevent spam emails attack by robots
  • Added Brand Resources and Logos page

ver 3.0

Jun. 7, 2019

  • Change the host to GoDaddy
  • Updated interface with more information of me on the home page
  • Added reCAPTCHA v2 tickbox to further prevent spam comments
  • Added Cloudflare to boost the loading speed of my website
  • Added Chinese language to give convenience for foreigners to practice Chinese and Chinese people who cannot use English
  • Designed and made my personal logo
  • Added Academic Honesty Reminder and pop up reminders
  • Added maintenance and error pages
  • Added like/dislike feature
  • Added Autonavi Map API

ver 2.0

Date unknown in April 2019

  • Updated interface with a slider on home page and better menu bar
  • Added professional domain email with Zoho mail
  • Added Back to Top button at the bottom-right corner

ver 1.1

Mar. 9, 2019

  • Added legal documents, including Privacy Policy and Terms of Service
  • Added GDPR Cookie banner
  • Added red banner on the top
  • Changed to a real domain (still exists now, but used for redirecting)
  • Add a page that introduces Phoenix City, Guangzhou

ver 1.0

Feb. 14, 2019

  • Website interface initialised
  • Started to using a host: with a domain name (now expired and deleted as the entire is now blocked in China)
  • Added home page, about page and contact page
  • Started to write articles
  • Added Akismet to prevent spam comments
  • Added sharing buttons and social media buttons
  • Added Jetpack and Gravatar
  • Enabled HTTPS (provided by the host)