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How I Use Ken's Study Planner app to Plan my Study Journey?

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By: Ken Deng   Published on Jun. 15, 2022

Approx. 500 words, 3 mins

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Ken's Study Planner integrated daily goals checklist, projects and events manager, and checklists. I use it to plan my study and exams, manage my daily goals and items checklists, and so on.

Since I am a Computer Science student with programming skills, I have made my website and this web-based Planner app by my own to solve my planning difficulties.

This tutorial is going to teach you how to use the Ken's Study Planner app.

1. Open Study Planner Website

My study planner is on planner.kenstudyjourney.com. Click the link to open my web-based app.

Be sure to bookmark the planner website. You will need to use it every day to fill in your goals situations.

Please Note: Internet Explorer is not supported on Ken's Study Planner. Please use the latest browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari.

2. Sign Up for an Account

Scroll down and click "Sign Up" button. Read the privacy notice carefully and click "Agree and Continue".

Fill in your details such as email address, password and name. Check your email inbox and fill in your verification code. Then click "Sign Up".

After that, click "Sign in" button and sign in to your account.

3. Fill in your Daily Goals for This Month

Click "Daily Goals Checklist" on the sidebar. Then click "Set/Modify Goals".

Fill in your daily goals for this month, then click "Submit". You can refer to my daily goals.

Note: You need to set goals every month. You can adjust your goals when necessary.

You now can fill in some emojis throughout the planner if you want, such as 👕 📆.

4. Fill in your Projects and Events

Then, you can fill in your projects, such as your homework or EPQ project, and your events, like some upcoming exams, competitions and school activities.

Click the "Projects" or "Events" on the sidebar. Then click "Add Project/Event", fill in the names and the dates of deadlines.

You will see the upcoming projects and events. The projects with less than or equal to 15 days and events with less than 7 days to their deadlines will be marked an orange "Close to Deadline". Projects with less than 7 days left will be marked red.

5. Fill in your Checklists

The last initialisation step is to fill in the checklists.

Click the "Checklists" on the sidebar, and then click "Add New ..." button. Fill in the name (e.g. Morning Routine, Items Checklist for Going to School) and the items. Then click "Submit".

6. Implement on your Daily Life

You can see your status immediately at the home page. In the new version, the colours will change according to your situations.

Planner Home Page

Every evening before sleeping, you need to fill in the situations whether you have achieved your daily goals.

If you forgot to fill in the checklist, you will see a red notice, like the image below, and you can choose a date to fill in later.

Planner Goals Checklist Record

Use the checklists when you are packing bags and luggages, or completing morning and evening routines.

You also can toggle the Dark Mode at the bottom of the menu on non-Apple devices.

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