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How to Study Faster and Effectively at Home?

Language/语言:   English   简体中文
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By: Ken Deng   Published on Jan. 27, 2020

Approx. 1150 words, 5 mins

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Last week, I have recommended some places to study faster and effectively. Unfortunately, I have to stay at home and study every day. Don't worry, there are some ways to study faster and effectively at home.

Home is a good place to study. Different homes have different environments. You can make a good studying environment like café at home so that you can study faster and effectively.

Sometimes, there are loud noises while studying outside, so home is the best choice for studying. It is the best way to isolate the annoying noise.

Nowadays, there are some high-tech things so that we can keep in contact at home. We can chat with each other using social media.

Do you know how to study at home as fast speed? I will tell you some suggestions.

1. Sleep early, get up early

Want to be energetic while studying? You need to have a good sleep. Sleep early and get up early is a good way to get enough energy to study at home.

I usually sleep at 10:30 PM or I feel tired, and I usually get up at 6:15 AM and remember new English words with Quizlet.

It is good to remember things after getting up because the memory is very good, like English words, poems, chemical equations, maths or physical formulas. Quizlet can help you remember them faster and effectively.

In the evening, it is good to sleep early so that you can get enough energy for your next day. When you are tired in the evening, you can sleep earlier to get energy.

2. Clean up your desk and get enough space

Having enough studying space is important in order to study faster and effectively at home. You will be fast to do different homework or tasks.

However, if the space is too small, your studying speed will be slower and slower. You will not be able to switch homework or tasks, drink water (H2O), write on a paper, type in a computer keyboard, find books, and so on.

I have separated my desk into 3 parts so that I can clean up my desktop and find study things easier and faster. They are Things Temporary Storage Area, Working Area and Electronic Devices Area. I usually do my tasks in my Working Area and find things in other areas.

This is the photo of a sign in my bedroom about the parts of my desk:

My Desktop Parts

3. Close the bedroom door while studying

Home has multiple rooms, such as living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, study, etc.

The noise between rooms can interrupt each other, so you need to close the bedroom/study door while you are studying otherwise you will be interrupted by the noise from other rooms. This is a physical way to obstruct the noise from spreading.

My personal rule is read books only if the noise is less than 80 dB (decibel, a physical unit for volume), do tasks only if the noise is less than 100 dB (e. g. homework, blog articles, YouTube videos).

4. Take a rest regularly

In order to study faster and effectively for a long time, you need to take a rest and relax.

Taking a rest is important so that you can always study with enough spirit. You will feel tired without resting when you are studying for a long time.

I recommend taking a rest for 5 to 15 minutes every 45 to 60 minutes. I usually take a rest for 10 minutes every 45 minutes.

Also, you can sleep on your bed after lunch, like my school routine. I usually sleep between 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM.

5. Make sure you have enough lights

Having enough lights is also important for studying. You can study with enough lights without suffering from the eyes.

Open the curtain when there are enough lights outside otherwise turn on the lamp. Also, close some curtains if the light outside is very strong.

6. Chat with your friends on social media

Nowadays, we can chat with others without going outside. Social media is a high-tech tool for chatting, like QQ, WeChat, Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat.

I usually chat with my community project teammates on WeChat to make better projects. I also chat with my classmates, teachers and Chinese friends on WeChat, and chat with my foreign English friends on Skype.

I'm going to talk about the tasks, requirements for the project with my teammates, and transfer some files on my social media.

7. Stick your studying plan and daily goals in your bedroom

Everyone has his/her studying plan and goals, it's a helpful way to study more and more in a day.

Sometimes, I can't remember them because of the heavy studying tasks or so many other things I need to remember.

Sticking your studying plan and daily goals in your bedroom is an excellent way to help you study better and effectively in a day at home.

There is a violet (my favourite colour) sticking board in my bedroom wall, so I usually stick my studying plan and daily goals in my bedroom's sticking board. Then I will be able to view and achieve them every day.

My Bedroom Studying Plan and Goals

I have also made a checklist for my daily goals.

My Bedroom Daily Goals Checklist

If you can't stick your studying plan and daily goals in your bedroom wall. you can put them in an obvious place or place them in your desktop.

8. Play background music with low volume

Café usually play background music with low volume to encourage people to study faster and effectively. Background music can adjust your spirit while you are working, doing tasks, reading books or studying.

Play background music is also an excellent way to study faster and effectively at home. However, loud music has negative effects because it can distract you away from your normal tasks. You need to control your background music volume.

You also can use a headphone to prevent conflict between each room. It is a good way to avoid noise outside.

Tip: You can find music that is usually played in café. You can search '咖啡厅' on QQ Music, Kugou Music or Netease Music and find playlists.


These are my recommendations for studying at home. Don't worry if you are not able to go outside. Home is also a good studying place. I hope you can study faster and effectively at home with my recommendations.

If you like this post, please click the thumb up button below, or subscribe to my blog if you want. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can write down your comment below.

Have any questions or further assistance? Feel free to contact me.

Thanks so much for reading!

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